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Maxie’s back today with a timely piece about Valentine’s Day. It can be a dreaded day for single girls or even a stressful day if you’re anxious to have the perfect plans. But it’s really about L-O-V-E, in all sorts of ways, not just the expected. I love Maxie’s tips for making the most of the day and truly celebrating the great people in your life.


Remember grade school when you would decorate the heck out of a shoe box for Valentine’s Day? There was a perfect opening carved in the top for your classmates to drop off their goodies for you? 

I’ll never forget my most memorable V Day box. I spent hours cutting about a million tiny white and red tissue paper squares, putting them over my pencil, dipping them in glue and placing them all over the entire box. Before I knew it, a white textured tissue paper box emerged with thoughtfully placed red hearts.  It was my Valentine’s Day masterpiece.
And before long the Valentines flooded in. While at the time I firmly believed it was due to my impressive box, looking back I know it’s because every member of the class was required to give every other member of the class a valentine. Those were the days.
So what do you do on Valentine’s Day when there’s no mandatory card and treat giving? And maybe there’s not a partner who is culturally obligated to give you one on this specific day either? 
You Valentine the shit out of yourself. You do what the day calls for and feel the love. Spread the love. And don’t let the exclusivity of being in a romantic relationship keep you from absolutely loving this day. And if you are in such a relationship, don’t forget about the other special, special loves of your life either.
How to Be the Best Valentine
Guest Post by Maxie McCoy

I’ve spent the majority of my Valentine’s Days with just me myself and I. Over the years I’ve come to master this day without feeling like a V Day reject. Here’s my favorite ways to be the best Valentine to the loves often forgotten:
To Your Besties
In college, I started the tradition of giving Valentines to all of my best friends. I’d buy the cheesy Disney ones that I’d write quick notes one, tape some candy to them, and pass them out to my closest. Over the years and distance, that turned into buying packages of heart-bedazzled Tswift series Papyrus cards (not sorry), and writing love notes to my girls around the country. This year it’ll be Photoshopped images of us sent with a letter via email because I’m on the other side of the world. 
Your besties are a source of one of the greatest loves. Honor it. Cherish it. Express it. And make this holiday about that. 
To Yourself
I think cupid hit me in the booty with an arrow while I was looking in the mirror, because Valentine’s Day has always included a healthy dose of rocking the ME. And why not? The most powerful change agent in our life is the ability to fully, unconditionally love ourselves. 
No matter who you choose to spoil this holiday, make sure you’ve carved out time to love on you. Buy yourself your favorite chocolates! Turn off your phone for a couple hours and head to your favorite coffee shop with a new book. Get a beautiful bundle of flowers for your coffee table. Do what makes your soul happy, even if it’s just for a small slice in the day. 
Remember, for every action there’s an equal and opposite (what comes back) reaction. Trust physics. The love you put out there will come back to you. What better reason to love hard this Valentine’s Day?

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Audrey Lin

Valentine's Day without a boyfriend to share it with just means more food for me 😉 and I certainly have no problem with that! But hmm, I've selfishly never thought about Valentine's Day as celebrating relationships with friends as well, and maybe it's about time to get on that! Thanks for the reminder! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


I used to love Valentine's Day back in grade school, but now I try to incorporate the same gift giving ideas I had back then to my friends now!
Maxie always has terrific ways to celebrate a holiday! Great tips 🙂
xo Amanda,
Affordable by Amanda

Kerri Koen

Love your love for your girls! So important! I host a girls night in Valentine's Day party – my husband doesn't mind, and it lets all the girls celebrate each other <3