Beach Day

When people find out that I grew up in Florida, I think they assume that I went to the beach every week or something. My sister goes a lot for sure, but I’m so pale that I typically don’t enjoy sitting out in the sun for too long. (Putting on sunscreen takes forever.)

Even though I like the idea of sitting on a beach and relaxing with a book for hours, I never end up resting all that much. I have the hardest time sitting still just doing nothing. (Anyone else, haha?!)

With everyone in town, we put a “beach day” on the calendar. We didn’t do too much sitting around though and instead opted to walk down to the lighthouse. It took forever and our feet were ridiculously raw from the rocky sand, but it was worth it! We saw the cutest seals bopping in and out of the water the whole way and Great Point Light is beautiful. I’m such a sucker for a pretty lighthouse.

Beach Day

The BEST part though was driving on the beach to claim a good spot. (By the way, we named our bright blue rental Jeep Baby Beluga, haha.) When we went around talking about our favorite moment from the trip, we all agreed that riding on the beach with the top down and music blasting topped the list. It’s a MUST do if you’re ever visiting Nantucket.

After the walk, we ate an embarrassing amount of watermelon. We kept saying, “Oh just one more slice” and finally had to reassure each other that we weren’t counting. Nothing like a sweet, hydrating snack on the beach. Seriously though, I think I had five giant slices….

Jules and Carly

While Julia and I would never turn down an opportunity to match, our outfits tend to coordinate on their own, even without advanced planning. Loved our navy and white swimsuits and hats!

I keep getting emails and DMs about the hat. It’s $60 and travels perfectly because it’s “packable.” You can even add a MONOGRAM now! (Here’s the cream bow and it also comes in a black option.)

Great Point Beach Nantucket

Great Point Lighthouse  Nantucket Style Inspiration

The sunscreen application and reapplication plus the sore feet were very much worth it! A successful beach day for sure.

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Shannon Mahaney

I adore your bathing suit cover-up!

I was born and raised in Florida too and I am SUPER pale! Growing up we spent a lot of time at the pool which covered my skin in freckles.

Alex C.

I know the hat is “packable”, but do you have any tips for how exactly to pack it nicely? I have the cream bow version and I’m wanting to bring it to Europe next month but I’m at a loss for how to fold it/arrange it in a suitcase!
Alex Cole //


Yes! I fill mine with socks and underwear and then use clothes around it to keep them from scrunching!


Looks like you are having a really awesome summer down there 😍 Everyone keeps on posting those dreamy summer vacation posts and I’m still at home 🙈

xoxo, Franziska


I’m from Florida too and feel exactly the same as you about the beach! I love going for morning swims and that kind of thing, but hate going in the middle of the day when I have to slather on buckets of sunscreen only to be a little restless and bored after an hour!

Briana |


Oh how I love the beach, though it sounds like I’m much more like your sister. I could sit and read in the sun for hours. Love your suit – such a classic style. xo Kelsey \\


Where are Julia’s swimsuit and skirt/coverup from??? They’re adorable. Looked on her Instagram but didn’t see it.

Sara Miltenberger

Looks so pretty – ideal beach day there. Where is your gingham cover-up from?