Beach Days

I looooooooove summertime. Peeling our beach sticker off the paper and popping it on the windshield of the car was such a euphoric feeling. I have been yearning for beach days and now that they’re finally here, I intend on taking full advantage. Every time I go, I tuck away a little memory that I can pull out when it’s pitch black at 3pm in the winter.
It’s always a little cooler and a little windier right by the water, but this particular trip was ridiculously windy. It actually made it a funny experience. At one point, it felt like a sand storm!!!
Definitely not your Florida beach outfit! I found this sweatshirt online and knew it would be perfect for a New England summer. I wear it at least once a week– if not more.
I think one of my goals this year is to learn how to skip a rock. I used to be able to do it as a kid (at least my memory says so) and I seem to have lost my touch. Garrett is such a pro; his rocks skip 15+ times and mine hit the water and disappear below the surface.

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Love the outfit, and the ribbon in the hair adds such a cute touch!

Elizabeth Zimmerman

I LOVE this post. I like how you mixed the posed pics with the candids. You should do it more often. I think it's adorable how you're laughing & it's windy. It feels more real.