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It’s really strange that after living in Florida for so long, the worst hurricane I’ve ever gone through happened during my first two months in New York City. Tampa nearly always gets missed by hurricanes.
I’m actually super fortunate, because the Upper East Side was not hit that bad. In fact, I don’t have television (I have a television, just no cable service), so I was kind of in the dark about everything that was going on. Besides a few tweets and Facebook posts, I really couldn’t tell how bad lower Manhattan was hit. I was looking out my window and it just looked like a typical storm. 
This morning, I figured out how to stream the news live on my computer and saw a lot more photos. It’s so crazy! It doesn’t even look like the city at all. And everyone has been commenting how silent and dark it is. Two words that I’m fairly certain have never been used to describe NYC.
I’ve heard back from nearly all of my friends in the city and everyone is safe (though most without power). 
After being cooped up in my apartment for so long, I have to get out and do a couple of laps around the neighborhood! I will be donning a barbour and some bean boots.
Hoping that everyone on the east coast made it safely through the night!

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Glad to hear you are safe! Been seeing all of the photos and apparently they are also some fake photos of the storm be posted across social media sites.

Here in Michigan, thousands of people in Detroit are out of power. Thankfully they are places that are offering places for them to come during their time of business.



So glad you're okay! All the pictures and everything out of the North are breaking my heart!

Anyway, stay dry and stay warm!

xo, Taylor

Florencia Ramos

good to know you are safe!! a am not from the us, im from Uruguay, but i visit the city last year, i follow the news by intenet and was crazy all the pictures i saw, nothing like the new york i know!!

my prayers for the people in the east coast!