Beauty Gift Guide

Okay, this has been a post that I have wanted to do since Christmas decorations first hit Target. Gift guides can be sort of fun but also can take a really long time to put together. This one is extra special though because it’s all sort of beauty products that I LOVE. I tried to include as many of my favorites as possible, but I’m sure I forgot some.

In my opinion, beauty products make some of the best gifts out there. I find myself giving from the “beauty” category for my girlfriends and sister. Especially since beauty products can get expensive, I think it’s fun to splurge on a friend you know would never spend the money on herself! I’ve already promised some gifts to my mom (this hand cream) and my sister (the mushroom line). They are generally pretty small too so they’re easy to stuff stockings with 😉

Beauty Products Gift Guide

Lavender Bubble Bath // Hands down the best bubble bath. I buy a few of these for myself throughout the year. It’s the best thing to pour into a bath when you really want to relax.

Zoya “Madison” Nail Polish // One of my fave nail polishes. It’s almost a nude, it’s so light with a hint of pink.

Hand Cream // I keep tubes of these everywhere: my desk drawer, my car, my handbag, my nightstand… you get the picture. They’re AMAZING gifts. I’ve never met a girl who didn’t love these tubes.

Shower Oil // This is a magic product for showering. It starts off like an oil and turns into a light foam. It’s the best for shaving legs.

Essie “Ballet Slippers” Nail Polish // Another one of my go-to nail colors. This might be the “ultimate” pink nude.

Troublemaker Mascara // I’ve recently added this mascara to my repertoire!

Liquid Foundation // I go back and forth on foundations frequently, but I tend to use this stuff more often than not for everyday coverage.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick // My bathroom is fully stocked with Bobbi Brown lipsticks. You can’t go wrong.

Bronzer // A simple little thing, but I can’t live without my bronzer.

Blush // THE BEST BLUSH. I was actually gifted this from a friend for my birthday and it was such a fun product to test out.

Lip Stick // This has been one of my go-to lip colors for everyday makeup looks.

Soy Face Cleanser // I have been using this cleanser for years. I might try a new one every now and then, but I always go back to this one. It is my favorite!!!

Nars Lipstick // I got this lipstick in a press mailing and couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. Very rich color that stays on for a very long time.

“White Tea” Perfume // I have received this as a gift and, in turn, given it as gifts a few times since discovering it earlier this year. (Totally random, but I got it for the first time a few nights before I met my boyfriend and I think that’s why I love it so much… I’ve been wearing it almost every day since!)

“Le Vie en Belle” Perfume // For special occasions, I like to use this perfume. It’s a little girly and feels like it should be worn with a fancy dress!

8-Hour Cream // This cream can do so many different things. I keep it in my purse to help with dry hands (great for winter!) and in lieu of chapstick.

Lash Domination Mascara // The best mascara I have ever used. I have the world’s tiniest eyelashes and this makes them look a lot longer and fuller than they actually are.

Mushroom Gift Set // This mushroom line has been my favorite discovery of the year beauty wise. I went to an event with the brand and they said it best: you don’t realize how great the products are until you stop using them. Miracle workers, I tell you!

Night-a-Mins Moisturizers // Without a doubt, the best moisturizer on the market. It’s transformed my skin!

Matte Moisturizer // Another fun moisturizer that I like to use in the morning, under my makeup. It seems impossible, but somehow it moisturizers and mattifies.

Molton Brown Soap // My mom got me hooked on this body wash. It’s very luxurious and smells absolutely divine.

Eyebrow Shaper // Next to my bronzer, this is one of my “can’t live without” products.

Micro-Blur Skin Perfector // I go through tubes and tubes of this primer. Perfect stocking stuffer, even for guys. It makes everyone’s skin look great.

Clarisonic Mia // Clarisonics make the perfect gift. They might seem unnecessary but they really do a great job at cleansing.

Micellar Cleansing Water // An all-around all-star product, Micellar water does it all from cleansing skin to removing stubborn makeup.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion // I discovered this product in my FabFitFun box from earlier this year. I use a few times a week and have noticed a significant change in my skin!

Ultimate Hand Salve // Can you tell I experience a lot of dry skin issues haha. This salve is also great!

Dry Shampoo // How in the world did I get by without dry shampoo before this year? I’m fully converted.

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I am intrigued by the matte moisturizer, but I try to pick moisturizers with SPF. Do you put sunscreen on your face daily, and if so, what do you use? Desperately trying to keep my skin in good shape for the long haul


I tries the Zoya Madison polish at your recommendation, and I am hooked! It really is a great, subtle color. I also really like the formula. Never goopy, easy to make it look well done. I have in turn recommended it to a couples friends and coworkers!

Jordana @WhiteCabana

I have a few of the items on your list, and I love them, too: Essie polish, Clarisonic Mia, and L’Occitane cream and oil. I completely share the love for these items! I think I need to add some Kiehls into my life now.


I have been waiting for a post similar to this!! It’s so useful to simply send the link to my mom and let her go crazy on picking what she wants… while also hinting at what I would love ;).


I bought the Night-a-mins cream after you featured it in an earlier blog post and I have to say I truly love it. My skin has improved dramatically. Now I can’t say this is 100% attributable to a new moisturizer but I didn’t change anything else in my routine. It is pricey but apparently worth it. I would only recommend adding a more moisturizing cream for dry/flakey patches as it hasn’t helped with those during cold weather for me.

Definitely going to look into the Origins mushroom mask next!


I so need to try that mascara when mine runs out. I so dislike the one I have. This is a great post there are so many good things on here.


It’s such a nice thing to buy beauty products for friends, especially a new lip color or something they wouldn’t usually buy for themselves! I just treated my best friend, who wears minimal makeup, to a fresh look – doing her eyebrows, cheeks and lips! She’s never worn red lipstick and it looks amazing on her. Hope she feels a bit more special!


I could be wrong, but I imagine Goodwill, Salvation Army, women’s shelters etc would be glad to receive the beauty products and other unwanted products that you have no use. They might even take the peanuts off your hands annoying as they are.


What color do you use in the bronzing powder? I’ve been looking for a new one and it helps that this one is on sale, too!