Behind the New Branding

Notice the new branding? Well, it’s really only the beginning. I have a few more things up my sleeves… so stay tuned!!!
I have been kind of driving myself crazy about the pink and green thing. The damask? I was over it. Way, way… way over it. Actually, this post was the initial brainstorm behind what I wanted to do. I kind of whipped up that post as a trial run. (Like how people tell you to write what you want as a tattoo on a Post-It and put it on your mirror?) I’ve been pulling it up every now and then to see if I still like it. Yep.
The day I pulled the trigger, it was completely spur of the moment. It was particularly HOT outside and I was just… inspired to go for it.
Leading up to that post, I had been pulling images on a secret Pinterest board. Here’s ultimately what inspired the new look:
See how it looks on…
Shop some Pinks + Tortoiseshell below:

What combination is inspiring you? Do you have a moodboard on Pinterest?

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I love it! I think this is so much more you. The pink and green was awesome then, but everything and everyone grows!

Keep up the amazing posts! 🙂

AJ | TheAJMinute


I love the new look! I've been working on new layouts and things for my blog as well, and I completely get you mean about being frustrated and just going for it! xx


i am loving the new look! pink and tortoiseshell are 2 of my favorite things. right up there with navy, stripes and polka dots.


I love this! When we (my husband and I) redesigned my blog recently we went with mint and grey. They're my favorite colors and I just think they look perfect together.
I adore your redesign, it's gorgeous.

Fashion and Happy Things

Shelby Revis

Love the rebranding! I've been inspired recently by turquoise and gold glitter and decided to give my blog a new look using that combo. I'll have to start a moodboard for it now too! Thanks for the tip!


so much better – actually I recently commented on your instagram that I wasn't particularly fond of the pink and green either. loving the pink, gold and tortoise inspriation