Belgian Shoes

I was at a party this weekend… shocking, I know.  And I was actually talking to people… even more shocking!  I actually had a lot of fun and caught up with some friends.  One guy, who knows about my blog, was telling me about this shoe company that I would love.
He just sent me the link and I must say, he was right.  Amazing is by far an understatement.
Belgian Shoes is based out of New York City. 
My goodness, I want one of every style in every color.

The men’s loafers are also particularly fantastic.

Check out the different crests, images, and monograms you can add:

Of course, I find out about the store five hours after I get back from New York City… It will definitely be on my itinerary next trip.
Are you obsessed too?

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Thanks ever so much for the update on these fabulous shoes! I live in the city and plan to grab myself a pair this afternoon 😉

Eleanor "Kipp"

Belgian Shoes are a perfect addition to any outfit. They are a classic prep look that I much prefer. The suede with the green crown adds an amazing to touch! Totally worth the extra $85 to have a crest added!