BenchPrep : 75% off!

Getting ready for a standardized test? (Really… anything from an AP Exam to the LSAT to the MCAT.)
I’ve partnered with BenchPrep for an exclusive offer for their test prep solution. As a recent graduate of Georgetown, many of my friends have been taken or are preparing to take various exams for graduate school. BenchPrep offers cross-platform test preparation studying. (I love how you don’t have to lug around those heavy prep books!!!)
You can purchase the test prep course you need and use it on all of your devises and they all sync so you can pick up right where you left off. Use the iPhone app while you’re waiting for a bus, your desktop app when you’re in the library, and your iPad app when your lounging around on a Saturday morning.
I’m a really big fan of the analytics the apps provide. I’m all about the numbers!!!!
You can really track everything and, most importantly, see the progress you’re making.
Are you taking an exam or considering taking one? What course would you need?
PS If you need textbooks, don’t forget that you can shop for the BEST PRICES here!

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