Bermuda Packing List

I didn’t do a Bermuda packing list post because I honestly wasn’t quite sure what I’d be bringing. I ended up having to pack a bunch of outfits for the last-minute Charleston trip, and I figured whatever I didn’t wear there I could wear in Bermuda.

Yesterday I shared a few snippets on Snapchat and Instagram stories throughout the day. I was overwhelmed by the number of messages about where things were from. I didn’t have time to respond to everyone (so sorry!) but thought I could use it as an opportunity for a quick post. Easier for everyone! There will be a more detailed post about my trip coming up though… spoiler alert: I’m obsessed.

A few notes:

1) I’m a blogger and Bermuda looks warm. So I did end up packing a LOT more than I actually needed. And I figured that while I was somewhere beachy I could squeeze in some extra outfit posts here. Dresses in snowy Connecticut don’t exactly make sense. Plus I have Carter here with me and I wanted to take advantage of her photog skills before she heads back to school.

2) I had no idea what the weather would be like. The online forecast kept changing, but it really didn’t look good. Lots of rain and cooler temps. BUT, it ended up being pretty amazing yesterday. (Verdict’s still out on today, wish us luck!) It was cooler, especially in the wind, but still warm in the sun. I welcomed the Vitamin D.

I have more outfit posts on the way, but if you followed along on social and want to know where certain things were from, here we go:

VINTAGE PAJAMAS: An old pajama set that seem to get better and better every time I wash them.

BLACK AND WHITE DRESSThis is for an upcoming post with Nordstrom, but can’t wait to share this dress. It’s $100 and freaking cute with the fringe.

FLORAL BATHING SUIT: It was definitely was too cold for a bathing suit… I just couldn’t resist taking some photos and faking it at the Hamilton Princess’ beach club.

STRAW HAT (c/o): Obsessed with this hat and the fact that it has additional UPF protection.

BLUE AND WHITE STRIPED DRESS: I had the most questions about this dress and, to be honest, I was so excited when I stumbled on it myself. It’s not the cheapest dress out there, but it’s really beautifully constructed and I know I’ll get plenty of use out of it this summer. (Side note: please don’t judge me when you see the photos as I 100% forgot to bring a strapless bra for it and, yeah, oh well.)

SEERSUCKER BIKINI: I am not a “string bikini” kind of girl. For some reason, though, this bathing suit was just calling my name. It’s a little bit skimpier than I’d typically go for and I love it anyway.

BLUE TUNIC: The perfect tunic that works for the beach and city living. I love how great it looks with white jeans!

Those were some of the main pieces from my Snapchat and Instagram stories… can’t wait to show you even more!

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I have been loving your snapchats and insta stories of your trip it looks amazing!
Xo, Kelsey |

Chrissy S.

Hi Carly!

At the risk of sounding super creepy, I believe you previously shared your bra size on your blog (32 DD?) and this suit isn’t available in that size. I am the same size and I have been pretty disappointed in J Crew’s DD swim top options. Is there a different size top that works for you?

Thanks for your help!