A month ago I splurged on the Hatch Restore. It’s an alarm clock, reading light, sound machine, etc. It’s supposed to increase your quality of sleep, which I’ve been working on for a while. This had been on my personal wishlist for a bit and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Finally went for it and I really like it, BUT… I don’t think I can give a proper Hatch Restore review.

This is going to be a, like, “half review,” if you will. The biggest thing is that Jack still isn’t sleeping through the night so an alarm clock/sound machine isn’t going to change that. The sun also rises way before I wake up for the morning, so the Hatch’s “Sunrise” alarm feature is a bit of a moot point. With that said, I already LOVE the Hatch Restore and I know it’s only going to prove more useful as time goes on. I cannot wait to have it in the winter months.

Even after having it for a month, I’m still discovering how much it can do. It is the best alarm clock.

hatch restore review best alarm clock


– THE WIND DOWN: You can program routines with the Hatch app. I set a pretty simple routine. I have Warm White light for 30 minutes to read with and after 30 minutes, the light dims to black and I have “Pink Noise” as my overnight sound. You can create tailor the wind down/bedtime routine for what you want/need. The 30 minutes for reading has been such a nice change. (And maybe that’s why I read so much more in May?!)

– THE SOUND MACHINE: The reason why I started leaning towards Hatch Restore was that I was going to get a sound machine for our room. I realized I had been on high alert listening for Jack. I’m pretty sensitive to noise/music and I used to hate white noise… until I became a mom apparently? I have a portable sound machine for traveling with Jack and I really liked it for myself! I figured if I was getting a sound machine for our bedroom, I should look into the Hatch Restore. I’m not totally sure what the difference between “white noise” and “pink noise” is… all I can say is that the pink noise from the Hatch Restore WORKS. I love it. The only downside is that I’m worried I’m going to get addicted to the pink noise and will become a high maintenance sleeper when not home 😉

– SUBSCRIPTION? I got concerned when I started setting up the Hatch that it said there was a membership service. It’s already an investment, in my opinion, and I just couldn’t justify an additional price for a subscription service. I almost sent it back…. but good news! You definitely don’t need the subscription to enjoy the Hatch Restore. With the subscription, you can add different add-ons to your routines like meditations, sleep stories, and more soundscapes. Probably a nice to have not need to have.

– THE SUNRISE ALARM: I’m going to have to come back and update this with more details when the sun rises after I wake up. Right now our room is pretty bright, even with our black out shades, so I haven’t been able to take full advantage of that. But I still have it set up to gradually increase the brightness (mimicking a “sun rise”) and I have a bird chirping sound that gets louder too. I have to admit that the first morning with it, I woke up really confused by the bird chirping. I was like, “What is going on?! Did birds get into our house somehow?!” And then I remembered it’s the alarm clock.

hatch restore review best alarm clock


The reading light is…. dreamy. It’s hard to describe how “nice” the glow is. It’s the perfect amount of soothing light. Not harsh at all, but provides just such a nice vibe. You can easily adjust the brightness, too, either from the app or the side buttons.

And I know I already mentioned it but I need to say it again. THE PINK NOISE IS AMAZING. I really, really love it.

Everything is all very easy to control from the app and the actual clock. Super intuitive. I love the design and the UX all around. It’s little things like this that make it the best alarm clock. The first night I used it, I thought, “Hmm I wish the time wasn’t displayed when it was in the sleep mode” because the additional light, however tiny, was bothering me… and sure enough, I could control the light of the time, including turning it off altogether. I would love it if they created a mini version for travel. (They do have a “Rest Mini” but it doesn’t have the pink noise as a sound…)

Would love to know if your own Hatch Restore review!


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I love mine! It’s a game changer in the winter months. I notice my mood is so much better when I’m woken by the light vs. an alarm sound.

Grace McCrocklin

Re background noise while you’re traveling – look into phone apps! I have one that plays a fan sound every night while I sleep from my phone. They’re usually free, too! Such a game changer when I’m sleeping somewhere new or different.


Oh man I think you’ve convinced me I need one! Have you been able to still listen to the monitor for Jack with the pink noise going?


PINK NOISE FOR LIFE! This thing got my husband to turn the TV off for sleep — PRICELESS. As for travel… we just take it with us 😂


I love my Hatch Restore! I got it as a Christmas gift and it was so nice to have during the winter months, especially when I get up early for work. I’ve never been good about bedtime routines and I honestly feel like it has helped me establish better nighttime routine and read more. I’m so glad you like yours too!


Thanks for posting this review! Regarding sleep noise while traveling, there are numerous options on Headspace. My personal favorite is Delhi Thunderstorms