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Because Jack was born in the middle of August, I was able to spend a lot of my pregnancy in flowy dresses. Easy peasy. This time around? Not so much– I’ll be lucky if my coats fit me! I’m anticipating a lot of “open” styling if anything. Though it’s certainly tempting to scoop up something new to get me through this fall and winter… I’ve had my eye on a lot of different styles and these are the ones I’m calling the best coats for women in 2023!

Best Coats for Women 2023

best coats for women 2023 from j.crew, j.crew factory, barbour, boden, and abercrombie

City Coat // Short Wrap Coat // Wool Lady Jacket // Patagonia Puff Jacket // Chevron Topcoat

Barbour Beadnell // Quilted Barbour // Barn Jacket // Plaid Barn Jacket

Plaid Coat // Villa Coat // Lady Day Topcoat // Wrap Coat

J.Crew’s iconic cocoon coat is up for pre-order, but I actually love the color range of their Factory version more! Periwinkle isn’t necessarily the most versatile option, but it’s definitely fun. This short navy wrap coat is a more unique option that’s still timeless– and I’m all about an embroidered detail. While the wool lady jacket may not work as a single layer come winter, I think for fall it’s one of the best coats for women. My trusty nano puff jacket is SO lightweight for the amount of warmth it provides and is pretty packable as well. Another Factory favorite: this topcoat that they describe as chevron, though I’d prefer to call it herringbone…. or anything else that doesn’t take me back to 2011, ha! I think it’d look great paired with a fall dress with boots.

My Beadnell has been more than getting the job done for years and I know it’s going to be a piece I pass down one day! This quilted coat is a more feminine Barbour option and just as classic. The J.Crew barn jacket gives you a similar look but is a little less fitted– and they even have it in plaid!

Speaking of plaid, while busy, the pops of blue and pink in this houndstooth coat are so good. If you need a warm coat for women that’s going to keep you warm, I find the standing collar on the villa coat to be super chic. For a stylish coat for women that’s more formal, you can’t do better than the lady day topcoat. And I’m really loving this wrap coat! It’s a no-fail silhouette that’s flattering on everyone.


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My first son was due end of December— I was able to find an affordable maternity coat at Old Navy to get me through the winter. Just a suggestion in case you end up wanting a maternity one!