Up until five years ago, I hadn’t dressed up for Halloween since sixth grade (except in the case of a college party or two). I wouldn’t say I’m a big costume person, but over time I have had fun putting together some of the best Halloween costume ideas for women. Plus, now that we have Jack– and another on the way!– I definitely get much more excited about Halloween. My focus is on dressing him up these days instead of myself, but I still wanted to compile the looks from past years.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Samantha Parkington Costume

Samantha Parkington Costume, Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

This has to be the ultimate preppy Halloween costume…. and one of my favorite eBay finds to date! My mom made all of our costumes growing up, which I LOVED, but this completely fulfilled a childhood dream. The original outfits can be hard to find and sizing is incredibly limited, so your best bet is to recreate one of the more “accessible” looks.





Princess Diaries Costume

Princess Diaries Halloween Costume, Princess of Genovia, Mia Thermopolis

When I originally put together this look, I spent hours searching all over the internet for a dress worthy of the Princess of Genovia (aka not too prom-y), and finally lucked out on Poshmark. I like this one and this one too! These gloves and especially this crown were the perfect finishing touches.

Parent Trap Costume

Parent Trap Halloween Costume, Best Female Duo Costume

This is it: the best female duo costume. I don’t know if I’ll ever pull off anything better! My tweed skirt set has long since sold out, but this is a great price for the same look. These are similar shoes, this is a similar headband, and this is the exact travel cosmetics case.

Rory Gilmore Costume

Rory Gilmore Costume

Ending my list of the best Halloween costume ideas for women is…. Rory Gilmore! Admittedly I pulled almost this entire look from the second part of my Princess Diaries costume, but it’s still pretty perfect. Almost everything came from the Land’s End uniform section: the shirt, sweater vest, tie, and skirt. Also linking similar shoessimilar tights, and a similar backpack.

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Omg these are AMAZING. Obsessed with all of them but especially Rory Gilmore!! You nailed it!


Hi, I just want to say how much I appreciated that these are work-appropriate (Children’s Librarian here!). I will def be using these ideas for a few years to come!


I actually gasped when I saw Samantha Parkington. And was even more thrilled to Addy, Molly, and Josephina adaptations. Great costumes ideas!