Best October Snack

You will thank me later. This is the best snack you could have during the month of October. My mom sent up a BIG batch and I have not been able to stop eating it!
Did I mention that this is also probably the easiest thing in the world? Seriously. Absolutely anyone can make it.
Peanuts + Candy Corn
The perfect blend of salty and sweet! If you like popcorn and M&Ms you are going to absolutely love love love this combination. I also really like the fact that the peanuts are super crunchy and the candy corn is semi-soft. Oh my word. Perfection.
(Plus… the combination really could not be better for the fall season.)

I’ve swapped out my favorite Skittles in favor of this sweet-salt-treat. It’s a little dangerous to have this by me while I work late at night, but oh-so-worth-it. 

Head out to the store and grab a bag of peanuts and a bag of candy corn. Throw the contents into a Ziplock, seal, and shake. Yum.
I really think that even people who don’t like candy corn would like this! The peanuts cut down on the candy corn “taste”… if that makes any sense.

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This sounds awesome. I'll have to try it when I head to the store this weekend. (Can I just add that I love that graphic? Too cute to have the peanuts and candy corn talking.)

Deonnah Davis

I eat candy corn year round! I eat so much sometimes that my tongue turns pink. (That's probably not a good thing) I glad you made a feature on this simple and delicious because fell in love with it last fall at my first year of college! My neighbor in my dorm would make it and bring it back to school when she went home! So yummy!!

Megan G.

Mmm, this sounds delicious, and I would have never thought of this combination myself! I'll definitely have to try this soon. 🙂


I've tried this combination (first time I tried it was a few years ago when I student taught. My co-op introduced me to it.) and it is sooo good! Candy corn is yummy, but super sweet and the salty peanuts cut the sweet so nicely. Yummm!