Birthday Parties

My mom threw my sister and I the best birthday parties. Ever. She has this thing about “vision” and let me tell you, she’s awesome at it!
Some of my personal favorites:

A Pocahontas party
Everyone dressed up like Pocahontas
We painted with sticks, leaves, pinecones, etc. on the driveway
Huge scavenger hunt for gold (spray painted rocks) in the yard
Trading post to barter with our gold for toys
Facepainting (what kind of kids party is it without face painting?)
Polaroid pictures in a canoe

Olympics party
Lots of “olympic” games
Gold medals
*** Unfortunately, my birthday was labor day weekend and everyone went to the Cape. Only two girls showed up 🙁

Halloween party
Donut-on-a-string eating contest and other crazy things
A dinner in the dining room
(My mom used a tarnished set of pewter serving dishes as the center piece…. But the cleaning lady polished it the day before the party…. Epic.)

Hair salon
We all went to a beauty school and got our hair done and nails painted.
My friends and I thought we were so cute with cornrows and curls. Not.

American Girl Sleepover
Pajama fashion show, complete with red carpet
Shrink-a-dinks… Best craft ever!
The coolest pajama cake ever
No one spent the night though, I hated sleepovers
And two girls locked themselves in my room because they got in a fight with another girl. Oh elementary school.

VIP party
(Another American Girl idea)
Everyone dressed up in fancy clothes
We wore name tags of famous people- Marykate and Ashley were heavily sought after
Sparkling cider toasts
Fancy, fancy, fancy dinner (complete with warm washcloths and lemon water in between courses)
My sister and her friends were the waiters…. HILARIOUS

I found a blog with the most adorable birthday parties for children. Check out this Pink Poodles in Paris party. And you will DIE when you see the Little Birdie Turns One party.

Hip Hooray has so many cute ideas for parties, I can’t wait to throw my own kids (obviously way down the road) parties!


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Gracie Beth

I loved parties as a kid. I can sympathize with your olympics party. For some reason everyone always went out of town around my birthday!


My mom always threw me great themed parties too, and many were inspired by American Girl! I had the same american girl sleepover party!


I did lots of swimming parties at the Country Club! My mom was not very creative, but they were still a blast! Your mom was very creative and planned everything perfectly. I hated sleepovers when I was little and still kinda do! Have a great weekend!


What awesome ideas!!! Your mom is definitely a keeper!! Love the pocohontas and the VIP parties!!


haha this is soo cute! I have a summer birthday, so I never celebrated with any school friends, but had little family parties up at our summer home

Pink Champagne

Such great ideas! I will have to store these away for the day when I am planning my child's bithday parties (in years to come…) 🙂