Birthday Wishes!

Thank you so much to everyone who reached out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, and commenting. You all are the best. It definitely made my birthday that much more fun!
I spent most of the day walking around the Upper East Side (despite the most horrible humidity) and getting a few (but only a few) things done. And then I went out to dinner with Amy and Emily and her cousin and friend. Obviously we went someplace with the best margaritas ever. Then back up town for more fun.
It was super low key and just how I like my birthdays: slow, relaxed, and with friends! I also feel quite lucky to have an extra day with Labor Day. Kind of the best present.

The only way to ring in 24 years is with doughnuts.

After dinner and before we cabbed uptown, we popped over to Amy’s apartment in the West Village and oh my goodness every detail is perfect. She surprised me with sweet birthday macarons! So perfect!

And miss Emily gave me gorgeous sunflowers. They’re so bright and perfect.

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Ann Joseph

Belated Happy Birthday wishes!!

Here is my gift!! (A collection of birthday sayings for you from all over the world!! Hope you will enjoy it!)

Do not pray for gold and jade and precious things, but pray that your children and grandchildren may all be good. (Chinese)

A future crop is known in the germ. (Indian-Tamil)

The fire in the flint shows not till it is stuck. (English)

A fair flower springs out of a dunghill. (American)

A fruit that ripens on the tree is delicious. (Philippine)

With the good, we become good. (Dutch)

A habit that started at three will continue till eighty. (Korean)

Happy is he who knows his follies in his youth. (English)

The heart of a little child is like the heart of the Buddha. (Chinese)

Where hearts are true, few words will do. (English)

Hope you liked these meaningful sayings

More at..

Ding dong ding!!