Black Sweater Uniform

I have been rotating through my black sweaters and jeans with an intense frequency. Mike may be starting to think that I’m wearing the same outfit every single day, in fact. But… alas, it’s a different black sweater today Mike!

Everlane Cheeky

This is my attempt at the very popular look of cheeky straight jeans, black sweater, and Chanel heels that is everywhere on Pinterest. I love the style, and even though I’m not a model measuring in at six feet tall, I still try to emulate the look.

J. Crew Carry-All Tote

Cap Toe Heels

These, by the way, are the Everlane jeans I got last fall. They are ridiculously comfortable. I thought I was going to be Team Skinny Jeans forever and while I’ve dabbled in the straight jean category, these have forced me out of my comfort zone for good. They fit true to size and maintain their fit and shape throughout the day perfectly.

Carly the Prepster  Everlane Jeans Similar Sweater // Jeans (c/o) // Cap-Toe Heels // Tote (c/o) // Sunglasses

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I like the look of this, classic but modern jeans. However, you’re post is about the sweater and you didn’t really talk much about the different black sweaters you’ve been wearing. You talked about the jeans. I would have liked to hear more about the sweaters.


I love those jeans! I have heard good things about Everlane and have been considering making a purchase myself.