Black and White Chic

Because I work from home, I generally don’t have to worry about what I wear during the day. (It’s the best.) I still go into the city a couple of times a week for meetings. I also try to cut down on the number of times I have to take the train, so I pack my city days with back-to-back meetings and try to squeeze in a dinner or lunch with a friend too. Finding something to wear that can take me through the whole day all over the city can be a tiny bit of a challenge, especially when I would prefer just to wear a sweater and jeans on a cold day.

As the weather started to get a warmer prematurely, I was thrilled to pull out my skirts again and bare my skin a bit. (Don’t be fooled by those snow piles, it was a warmer day!)

Contrast Piping Blouse

If you find yourself in the city, you have to pop into the flagship Club Monaco store on Fifth Ave. It’s absolute perfection. Be warned, though: with a coffee shop, a flower shop, a bookstore, and the most beautiful selection of clothing; you won’t leave empty-handed. I made the “mistake” of taking a spin through the store and found this perfect charcoal skirt. And it’s on sale right now!

I can’t bring myself to wear a denim skirt because they remind me too much of the early 2000s, but I do love the denim skirts with the buttons up the front. I love that this skirt has that style without being a denim skirt. You know? It’s also a gorgeous charcoal color, which is dark but not quite black and more flattering against my very, very fair winter white skin.

Black Skirt with Gold Buttons

I’ve worn the skirt a few times already and had mostly been wearing a tight long-sleeve t-shirt or a striped turtleneck, but I paired it with this contrast blouse (it’s old, but here’s a similar option) that I had in my closet and I just loved the look. Felt a little chicer than the tees I had been wearing.

Club Monaco Skirt  Ray Ban Clubrounds Tory Burch Clutch

Photos by Courtney Ann Photography

Similar Blouse (love this one too) // Button Skirt (on sale!!!) // Similar Flats // Similar Clutch // Lip Color Bobbi Brown “Burnt Red” // Sunglasses

Quick note: I’m trying to wear the clothes I already have instead of buying new things just for the sake of them being available for purchase… I’m going to do my best to find similar or close options instead! Hopefully, it’s not too annoying if you can’t find the exact thing I’m wearing!!

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I love this outfit! This is definitely the style I wear to the office everyday! And that skirt is perfect, I have a similar one in a mustard color from J Crew and I love it.
Also, I think it’s really great that you are trying to cut back on purchasing new items just for posts!
Taylor |


Such a classic look – love it! I first moved to Stamford almost a year ago and worked a few times at our stores in the city. The Club Monaco on Fifth is a dream, you definitely cannot leave empty handed!

xo, Nina


I love that you are using options you already have instead of feeding into overconsumption and buying new. It’s more realistic and more relatable! Most of us do not have bottomless bank accounts that would allow us to buy new pieces all the time! The idea of the outfit and style is the point. Thanks for being real and relatable and not feeding into the fashion blogger world of buying new, expensive pieces all the time.

Katie @ Katie's Kronicles

Cute!!! Is that top from LOFT? I have a super similar one but it’s short sleeved. That’s one of the hardest part about being a style blogger in my opinion is always feeling like you need to have new new new. I wear soooo many of my old clothes with maybe one new piece, but I think it is so great that for the most part you can find similar options online if the items is still trendy enough! I feel you do a great job at this though and have stayed true to yourself. I can tell you wear items that you truly would wear on a daily basis. That’s one thing I really admire about you and your blog, it’s stayed so true to who you are as a person over the years! I really respect that.


I think by mixing in your own things and showing us “similar” items it opens us up to the idea of using things from our own closets to put together similar but not identical looks. I think it is much more helpful. Plus, if you do it with things you KNOW we all have – charcoal cashmere turtleneck, navy merino crew neck, white button down, matchstick jeans, etc., – we can see how to mix new items with old for updates that don’t cost us all a fortune. I love this idea!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Love this outfit! The buttons on the skirt are cute. I can see myself wearing that blouse often! // I think it’s good that you aren’t always buying new clothes for your outfits! More practical, and I also enjoy pieces that are versatile and work with a variety of outfits 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Love that you’re “shopping your closet!” Definitely more relatable for readers and more fun!!


Love the look! And that you wearing the pieces you already have. Much more inspirational than aspirational.


Love the look! And love that you are wearing pieces you already have and suggesting similar options. I am trying desperately to learn to “shop my closet”. Your suggestions help me try to find something I own that might work!

Leighton Michele

I love it that you are trying to cut back on buying all new clothes and using things you already have in your closet! It can definitely be hard to do as a fashion blogger, but so much more relatable! I’ve been going through the same struggle when putting outfits together for my blog, but I really think that it is the best and most realistic way to go. Thank you for being real!
Leighton Michele


I love the whole get-up! As a California girl though, there is *no* way I’d be able to wear that with snow on the ground! (I’m a big baby when it comes to cold). Still, love the outfit!

xo, Sofia