Blue Crush

This outfit has so many of my favorite things: shirtdress + cable knit + tortoiseshell + navy. It’s arguably one of the easiest and simplest outfits you can wear while still feeling put together. I wore this for a day of meetings here in Connecticut and then to grab dinner with Garrett. It’s not what I’d wear for a weekend date night, but for a casual Wednesday night, it works!
If I had to wear the same thing every single day, it would be this. 
A mid-shoot email check. How adorable is my new Minnie and Emma phone case?! I was reluctant to switch over from my favorite summery one, but the plaid was just too perfect to not embrace. 

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I love your getup! I have a similar (short sleeve) shirtdress from Madewell and was trying to think of new ways to wear it this fall, being from the summer. I think I'm going to have to add a little sweater like you did!