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I’m totally a book girl. I haven’t always been, but I absolutely am now. Books are my escape and can really be magical. How many ways can you actually travel anywhere, meet anyone, learn anything, or simply be entertained for hours on end without ever leaving a chair. (And bonus, the comfier the chair, the better.)

You can load up your basket at Barnes and Noble or and cross everyone off your list. I think books, especially when they’re tailored for the recipient, are the absolute perfect gift. I pulled together some of my favorite books for all kinds of people!

A Little Boy: Where the Wild Things Are // A Little Girl: Eloise


A Teenager: Divergent // Sister: The Fault In Our Stars

The Photographer: Once Upon a Time // The Athlete: The Boys in the Boat

The Fashionista: IMPACT // The Shopaholic: Things We Love

What books would you gift? Add your suggestion (plus the recipient) in a comment!

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I always find buying books for others so difficult because I feel like books are so personal. There are definitely some great finds on this list though. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Taylor Stellhorn

I will be giving books to a handful of people this Christmas- I think it is the perfect gift! I would recommend the book Love Does by Bob Goff…very inspiring! Just bought four copies at Barnes and Noble to give friends and family for the holidays.


I've been really wanting those "36 Hours" books. I think they are wonderful! I would gift the book "True Prep" to all of my girlfriends 🙂


I wish that you had not created such a gender binary for boys and girls. There's no reason that girls should have to read about spoiled little girls who live in the plaza while boys get to read about adventurous boys and monsters. We should not be promoting and encouraging such gender stereotypes.

Julia D.

Best comment I've ever seen on a TCP post. To be honest, it isn't something most people think about, but it TOTALLY should be. Hope Carly responds to your comment. I'd really love to see what she has to say. In her defence, it's a mistake most people make and one that 90% of people are completely unaware of.

Emily Blauvelt

I love this list! Half of the books I'm tempted to buy for myself… But I know I'm getting the Kate Spade Things We Love for my best friend!


Alyssa F

Have to agree that you shouldn't have split the kids books into boys and girls. Where The Wild Things Are is a classic book that any child (or adult) would enjoy.


I love all of these ideas! My dad and brother both are getting books for Christmas! Definitely one of the best presents to give!

Alicia Sanders

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Holly Miles

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