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We have a pretty cute little corner bookstore on our town’s main street. It was a huge selling point for me when we made decisions about where we wanted to live. It has a pretty good selection and I love supporting local bookstores when I can. It does have a community hub, but I wish it had more of a cozy coffee shop. Or something like that. Maybe it’s a good thing though, because I may end up moving in otherwise.) Still, I do end up going, like, at least once a week. Even if I’m just “window shopping” book covers, I can’t seem to stay away.

I have this dream of eventually opening a bookstore. So while I’m picking out my next read, I also find myself daydreaming of what I’d want my own bookstore to look like. If this current owner ever wanted to sell, I’d probably be the first in line.

Carly Heitlinger

I bought this shirt in THREE colors. I love it so much. The green is unfortunately sold out, but I’ve been begging the Tuckernuck team to bring it back. And to bring the style back every season. The silhouette is so flattering and would seriously be cute in a flannel plaid. A blue and white seersucker. Stripes, florals, and solids. You name it, I think it would work.

Even though the green is sold out (and my vision for future designs, lol, is still just a vision), I do love the bone and brown as well. I’ve been solidly rotating through all three, no doubt.

Tuckernuck Green Suede Top

Short Stories Bookstore

Margaux Leopard Flats   Carly the Prepster

Green Top (sold out, but silhouette available in two additional colors) // Jeans // Watch (c/o) // Shoes // Glasses

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You look so much like Meesh in that first photo! Obviously you always look like her (lol) but you really see it in that photo.
I really like the shirt too. I struggle with “in between seasons” blouses. I think I like the olive green the best.


You post a lot about the books you read, which is lovely, but it seems you are mostly buying them. What do you do with them once you finish? It seems wasteful to purchase all your books. Do you utilize your local public library? Libraries are great way to read as much as you want without the carbon footprint (and money waste) of constantly buying books.


About half the books I read are audiobooks… and I like having books on my shelves 🤷🏻‍♀️


Even so, bookshelves only hold so many books. If you are reading 60+ books per year they are bound to fill quickly. Where do they all go once your shelves get filled? Curious why you wouldn’t go to library for at least a least some of the books you are reading. You can even check out audiobooks via library membership. Using the library is a great way to support your community too.


Agreed that libraries are very important community resources and that support of one’s local library is a great way to have a positive impact on one’s community 🙂

It is also great to support authors by purchasing their books, and supporting local booksellers by purchasing your books from their store, as Carly has done with her new community bookstore!


I LOVE going into cute little book stores. Back home in MN, I used to live so close to the cutest book store that was around the corner from the coffee shop, and next to a park, so you could, book to read and read all in one swoop! It was so perfect. Definitely miss that! Love the outfit, looks perfect for a day of books 🙂

xx Libby

Mindy Gray

Oh my gosh I would love to own a bookstore too! My niche is children’s books, though!


Great blouse. Is it like a faux suede? It doesn’t look like cotton?

A bookstore I would love to own is Judy Blume’s bookstore in Key West called Books and Books.


I think I may have mentioned this before–but I always get Kathleen Kelly (from You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan) vibes from you. Would love to see you open a bookstore (or become a librarian)!

Kristen Woolsey

LOVE these colors for the season. I keep buying olive colored things! I hadn’t really thought of pairing with leopard though-so thanks for the inspo! Bookstores are so fun to look through. I’m a ebook person, but there is nothing like perusing a bookstore.

Ashley S

I managed to snag this in the green last week! I love it even more than I though I would and I’m on the total opposite size spectrum that you. Totally flattering on everyone! Fingers crossed they bring it back in all sorts of prints and fabrics.


Hey! I love your casual look. You are looking so pretty in these pictures. I’m obsessed with your fashion style and I just fall in love with this shirt this looks so beautiful. I”m a jewelry lover and I love to wear my simple Cartilage Earrings with my outfits. Because jewelry gives you a different style statement. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post.


Would you ever consider doing a guide to your new town? For example, what bookshop is it that you recommend?
I have family who live in the area and I am always looking for great spots when visiting the Morristown/Madison area!