Born This Way

There is quite a lot of garbage on television nowadays. (Does that make me sound like a grandma?) Especially reality tv. That said, Garrett and I got totally hooked on an incredible reality show that is unlike anything else on tv.

Born This Way is an amazing, sweet, tear-jerking, feel good reality show featuring seven young adults with Down syndrome. It’s filmed in a traditional reality show way but covers a range of topics including romantic relationships, living independently, friendships, and pursuing dreams. Within one episode you will absolutely fall in love with the entire cast. They are all really great, as are their parents.

The whole show is just done so well. The interviews with the parents is what would get me every episode. One of my friends who teaches special education watches the show too and the two of us had a ridiculously long conversation about how much we loved the show! He sent me “Welcome to Holland,” a short essay about raising a child with a disability. Read the essay, then watch the series. You will not regret it.
Garrett and I watched every week and we’re so excited that it was picked up for a second season!!! You can find the series on A&E on demand or on the website/app. (We watched it on the Apple TV app.)

Has anyone else seen the show?!

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Abigail Seaver

Thank you so much for this post. I had no idea this show even existed! My brother had downs syndrome and was one of the most loving, caring people I have ever had in my life. We lost him unexpectedly two years ago and this made me cry good, happy tears. It's so heart warming to know things like this exist to help teach people how amazing these individuals are. You are absolutely one of my favorite bloggers and it's because of your kind, thoughtful and insightful posts like these.