Borrowed from the Boys

Friday was such a rainy day. After only sleeping a handful of hours for the past few days, I just didn’t have the energy to put any thought into what I was going to wear. Plus, it was pouring out all day long. (Seriously, by 7pm it was like a tropical storm out there!!!) My energy was going into how to deal with my hair in the weather (messy bun anyone?).
Fred from Unabashedly Prep recently collaborated with Jack Robie to come up with two fun popovers. I got the Red Bengal Stripe Popover and it’s super fun. It’s definitely a men’s shirt, but…. I kind of like it.
I originally thought that I would wear it only for sleeping. (It’s the perfect little sleep shirt for women!) It totally works tucked into jeans too! Roll those sleeves up, pop the collar (sorry I’m not sorry), and you’re good to go.
Have you worn men’s shirts before? I love it!

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I've always wanted to! Boys have really awesome plaid shirts! But I've never been brave enough, may have to try it now, though!



I pretty much only wear Men's button downs because they fit me better in the chest/shoulder. My only complaint is that they are too long, and I hate tucking in my shirt.

Katy Z

Haha oh jeez, a $135 sleep shirt? But the look does look good! I wear men's button downs sometimes! Just roomier and more comfortable for days I just can't be bothered!