Boston Trip

My recent trip to Boston was my favorite. Although it was short, I fit absolutely everything in. You know how people say you can have it all, but you can’t have it all at once? I think I proved that theory wrong during this trip. I spent incredible one-on-one time with my best friend Nicole, worked with my DC/Tampa friend BAC, got to meet over 120 TCP readers, and (as if all that wasn’t enough) I was able to celebrate my friend Alison’s soon-to-be-here-baby. I even squeezed in a blog photoshoot with a Boston photographer. I came home on the train with the fullest of hearts. 
Brittney and I stayed at The Lenox Hotel. I have to say… it’s my favorite hotel in the world. It’s very nice, but they don’t try to tell you that they’re a nice hotel, they show you! Absolutely everyone from the bellhop to the maids to the front desk is friendly and beyond helpful. I’ve stayed there before, I’ll stay there again… and frankly, I wish I could move in. The fireplace in the lobby is the coziest. Simple, not over the top, and just very homey. Oh, bonus, they have L’occitane products in the room, another favorite.
Unfortunately, I got a horrible migraine on the train into Boston (ugh, bad timing). Once I checked into the hotel, I ran across the street to Bank of America for cash– why do I never have cash?!– and Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a snack. Even though I was in a lot of pain while I waited for medication to kick in, I walked over to take photos in Beacon Hill and the Public Garden. Can’t wait to show you the photos later next week. The headache faded while I rested before heading over to Nicole and Janelle, our long time family friends from when we lived in Hopkinton.
How’s that for timing? Nicole and Janelle happened to be hosting their annual fall cocktail party at their house that Friday. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is to see them. Nicole and I have been BEST friends since we were 3 and 4. That is over 20 years of friendship. Even though we’ve been long distance for most of the friendship, we can pick up exactly where we left off. It was really nice to see their apartment (jealous, it’s perfect) and meet their friends and coworkers. Brittney met us there after her flight; I love introducing friends from different parts of my life!
I held a meet and greet Saturday afternoon, so Brittney and I started early at Drybar to get our hair done. The location in Boston is the coolest two-story space. I just love having someone else wash my hair, a wonderful little luxury. After a quick breakfast-to-go from Flour, we made our way to Tucker Blair’s showroom to set up. 
Brittney is a great friend and a great event planner– and blogger! I’m so lucky that she offered her services to help coordinate the entire meet and greet. Everything went off without a hitch! Thanks BAC! I have to say, we also just had a great weekend together.

(Brittney is doing two workshops in DC this weekend with The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show. More details about her “Holiday Hosting and Toasting Tips and Tricks” workshops here!)
Coasters and napkins c/o Wedding Paper Divas
Mini business cards c/o Tiny Prints
Hand lettered prints c/o Drafts and Crafts
Business card cases c/o Ame and Lulu
Cake pops c/o Meesh (aka my mom– she shipped them up from Tampa!)
Loved meeting everyone. Seriously. It’s one of the most rewarding parts about blogging. I love chatting with readers on Instagram and Twitter, but getting to really meet readers in person is the best feeling in the world. I wish I could have spent an hour with everyone individually! So many great people. LOVE YOU.
^^ Special shoutout to Mary who drove down from Maine with her (sweetest) mom for her 14th birthday! 
Big thank you to Matt Tara who opened the doors of the Tucker Blair showroom for us to have the meet and greet! He also hand delivered my coat on Sunday morning to Drybar because I completely forgot/lost it on Saturday afternoon.

Nicole swung by after the crowd died down. Brittney met up with friends and I went to Nicole’s parents apartment in the South End where I took off my boots, curled up on their couch, and ate hummus and crackers. There’s something really wonderful about being in the company of family friends. I love getting to see them, if only for a day! We met back up with Brittney and ate at Stella’s for the best Bolognese ever.
I couldn’t resist sharing this perfect turquoise door that I snapped while walking around the neighborhood. Knock, knock… can I move in?
And on Sunday morning… Alison drove into Boston and we went to Drybar together before driving out to her baby shower!!! I don’t think I talk about Alison enough on here, but she is one of my dearest friends. Another Georgetown grad, although five years older so our paths never crossed on the Hilltop, it was blogging that brought us together. (We do share a reunion cycle though!) I’ve never been to a baby shower for a friend before and it was such a wonderful day! Alison is the best listener and advice giver… the baby is in the absolute best of hands! [Funny story, Alison and I almost wore the same dress. At the eleventh hour, I decided to wear my DVF wrap dress instead of this lace Ann Taylor dress, ha!] Special, special day.
Yes, I think I definitely “had it all” in Boston.

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Audrey Lin

My mom's favorite place in the USA is Boston! I think she'd move over there in a heartbeat 😛 Anyways, all those goodies are so cute, and I really hope that I'll be able to meet you one day in person at a meet and greet, though I'd probably be at a loss for words. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Danielle Sebille

Love all of the pics! Glad everyone enjoyed the meet and greet in Boston! Hope you can come back for another DC meet and greet soon so I can meet you and make more hand crafted prints!!

Xo Dani



It seems like you had a really amazing weekend in Boston! Your friendship with Nicole sounds like my friendship with my best friend Annie. We met in preschool and since then we've never lived in the same town or gone to the same school, but we've still managed to stay best friends after all this time. We can pick up right where we left off too! Annie actually lives in Boston now, so I need to make a trip up there to visit ASAP.

– Kelsey

Taylor Kay

100% obsessed with those decorations. I love the color scheme and all of the different prints – it looks gorgeous! This looks like such a lovely weekend, and it definitely makes me want to visit Boston in the future!


Lexi Walz

Sounds like such a fun time!! I've never been to Boston but it's definitely somewhere I want to get to!