Bow My Goodness

My Cyber Monday orders have started coming in… It’s kind of like an early Christmas over here on the Upper East Side. (Plus, I’ve been slowly making purchases for my friends and family. This year has been extra fun for gift planning and buying!)
One box from J. Crew included all of these goodies and I just about fainted from the perfection.
Anyone else receive Cyber Monday Packages yet?

PS I also bought this sweatshirt… just waiting for that package to arrive!
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amy h @ leopardspot

The bow sweatshirt is reeeeally growing on me (bows aren't really "me"). I'm hoping it sells out soon so I'm not tempted to buy it! I think it will be really cute over a white button up, sleeves cuffed up, and some slim pants/jeans! Looking forward to see how you style it!

Also – OBSESSED with those heels! I am really considering buying them!

xx, Amy

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