Bows #omgbows

I’m obviously super into stripes right now. I (happily) blame the summer. But while I’m seriously considering getting this striped bathing suit as my next striped purchase, I think I need to move away from the stripes for a bit. I tend to fixate on patterns and then I end up with a bunch of the same looking things in my closet. (Like how I went on that polka dot binge?)
Well, my friends, after visiting the new 789 Madison Kate Spade store a handful of times… I’m feeling myself just absolutely gravitating towards bows. #OmgBows
Some of my favorite things with bows that I’ve spotted online:
Oh, and one time I fell in love with bow ties.
What’s your favorite bow product out there?

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Kate Mitchell

I love bows! I've been in love with them since I was … born, actually. I've cut back on wearing them because I start teaching high school this fall and it's hard enough to get high schoolers to take a 5'2" 22-year-old seriously without me wearing lots of bows. My favorite item, though, is a dress I got from Anthropologie yesterday – it's a navy-and-mint-striped dress, but on the back there are 3 bows! Striped and bows – can't go wrong.



I too have an obsession with stripes. Bows are adorable and super fun for summer!

Happy Friday!


Those J. Crew sandals are AMAZE. I desperately need those!!!

I'll never give up my stripes obsession…they're just too chic and always perfect.


basically my whole closet is stripes and polka dots. almost all navy and white. and i love bows for accessories. i have the kate spade bow earrings and i love them. and i have 4 bow belts. at least i'm easy to shop for?


Just found your page today! I've been into bows for a couple months now. It's kind of a problem haha. They're super cute though. On the hunt for a nice bow belt.