Braids and Buns

After getting my gallery wall up in my office, I’ve been re-inspired to get things going again in the apartment. When we first moved in, it was like go-go-go to get all the big furniture pieces in and done. Unfortunately, this was both exhausting and expensive. I felt burnt out and didn’t want to do anything else. “Yea, this is fine. Whatever,” turned into my go-to response. 
The details around the place need work. I don’t get how people can move into a place and snap their fingers and its done. (Unless there’s a team of HGTV people walking in here, that’s not going to happen.) But I can do a little more, for sure.
I have a big dresser in the corner of our bedroom. Right now I have stacks of sweaters on top that don’t fit in the dresser (I keep failing to pare down my “collection” yikes), but I want to do a smaller gallery wall above it. I have a few frames that didn’t make the cut in the office and will likely need a couple more to fill up the space.
At least that’s what I’m telling myself…. because… um… I really want an Elizabeth Mayville print
These two are my favorites– I love the layered stripe shirt above… and the perfect ballerina bun below.
But I think this one looks the most like me? 
This top knot reminds me of my sister!

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Which one is your favorite?

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LOVE the topknot with the orange dress. and too funny, I just ordered two of hers yesterday. the girl reading, and the guy with the bowtie. i say go for it–they're too gorgeous not to.


I love these and love the thought of gallery walls! I want to do ones with a few thin white shelves so I can move them around more readily.