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I wanted to share one of my favorite interviews to date! I was put in contact with Meagan from bSmart through a mutual friend and I just love her! We shot these photos and a video; it was really fun and now I’ve recruited Meagan to shoot some things for TCP, like the photos from the Em John post!
It’s so funny, and amazing, how the right people can just pop into your life at the right moment! Meagan happens to live just a few blocks away from me and we both work from home now so we’ve been swapping good-spots-with-wifi-and-coffee for working. 
This interview was great for me because a) I needed more practice speaking on camera and b) the questions were great! Typically I answer the same types of questions, which is fine because they are good questions. But these were all kind of new for me. I couldn’t just rattle off the answers from memory. (Also good practice.) 
Wearing this dress (no longer available in black… but the navy one is so cute!) and these shoes (similar) and a necklace like this.

Check out the whole interview and video (Teddy crashes the set at one point ha).

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Meagan Hooper

You are truly one of the smartest ladies we've featured. Your work-ethic and integrity is so apparent in that you always do what you say you're going to do! We're excited to watch your star continue to rise!


First of all, you look fabulous in these photos!! Second, I LOVED the interview! So many great tips and advice for blogging and life in general!

Ellen Borza

Carly, this interview is fabulous! And you look gorgeous. Thanks for always being an inspiration not only as a blogger, but as a woman who goes for what she wants! Congratulations on this interview.

Ellen | A Pop of Pink


Carly! Love love love your interview. Especially your response about putting on your blinders as an entrepreneur. Whenever you venture out to do something off the expected path, friends and family always mean well, but sometimes their "advice" can be off the mark. Keep at it. First started following along when I saw you at a Levo panel at GWU in 2013 and have loved watching you grow TCP up.

Sabrina |