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Burberry Holiday

One of the best gifts I have received in recent years were two Burberry quilted jackets from my mom. She got me a classic tan and a metallic silver during my freshman year at Georgetown. It was such a thoughtful gift and definitely one of the more luxurious ones! I’m a big fan of practical gifts… like when I asked my parents for a Cox Box– Google it– for my eighteenth birthday so I could have my own for crew practices…. however, there is something extra special about getting something so glamorous that I wouldn’t dream of buying myself. I still have and wear the jackets and always feel so special when I wear them. (Plus, because I live far away, it feels like a little hug from my mom every time I put one on!)
I think Burberry makes for an extra special, not-your-everyday gift! They have great options for men, women, and children. (If you have a little girl, how cute is this!!!)
A great idea is one of the Burberry scarves. I thought this option was perfect. It’s not quite the traditional plaid, but still has that Burberry check! It is so soft and I love how extra long it is. Talk about cozy. The scarf would also work as a gorgeous shawl if tied around your shoulders! 
I’ve always thought Ivanka Trump shoes were amazing, but these totally take the cake. Talk about perfect for the holidays. 
Photos by Bekka Palmer

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Amber Lee Rosenzweig

I have a burberry quilted jacket that I love. There are always great deals on a few burberry things during the annual sale too and the things that I've scooped up I find myself wearing again and again! I have the ballet flats and a trench too that is perfect for the british weather here in London!

Alyssa J Freitas

Ok, this is by far one of your best outfit posts Carly! Everything about it just works! Also, I love the fact that you asked for a cox box for your birthday; it is so much nicer to have your own and know that it's charged up and ready to go

Alyssa J Freitas

Delaney Ferguson

This is gorgeous! They are such simple pieces and make such a statement. Love how you used a non-traditional Burberry colour scheme! Also you should use the second shot as a new headshot – it is very beautiful 🙂
Thanks for the holiday inspiration!

Shayla McMurray

This look is still just as gorgeous and classic today–2 years later! I can’t believe it was really that long ago when you came out with this post. I had only been reading for about a year at that point.


I know this post is primarily about Burberry, but those red pumps are killer on you! Uber sexy. *Love* the last pic… I’m betting the cabbie didn’t mind waiting as you crossed the road! 🙂