Cold Weather

Camel and Black Season

I pretty much exclusively stick to navy and white in the summer, wear a lot of plaid and red in December, and then flip to camel and black until summer again. It wasn’t exactly a conscious thing but I organically find myself drawn to the color combination.

Carly the Prepster

I thought this sweater looked cute online, but it’s even better in person. It’s more textured than I anticipated and works dressed up or down. I LOVE the beaded clasps at the shoulder. I thought they were just for show, but the sweater actually snaps shut there. (No idea why you’d ever need/want to unbutton the shoulder, but hey! you could if you wanted to.)

Camel and Black Lodge Coat Tuckernuck BLACK SUEDE ASHFORD PANTS J. Crew Ribbed sweater with beaded clasps Carly Heitlinger

Lodge Coat // Sweater // Pants (go with your yoga pant size) // Shoes // Clutch

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Wendy Hamm

Two reasons for the two fasteners: 1) breastfeeding in public (which of course you haven’t had to do yet) 2) you have the perfect updo or hair day and need to change out of that sweater. Undo the clasps/fasteners and your free. Hair stays in place- no fuss, no muss. And no make-up on your sweater.


I do breastfeed in public and I don’t think those shoulder snaps would cut it, lol.

But I agree on the hair!