The Campus Style

If I were being conservative, I would say that this website has the potential to be the next best thing to hit college campuses.
Realistically, however, I think this WILL be the next big thing to hit college campuses.
The Campus Style is like that cool party that you really only hear about through the grapevine… you know?  The one who’s location is super private, but once you’re in, you’re in.  And every body wants an in.
Here’s your in.
From the site: 

There were no lights or cameras… only action. The Campus Style was born through the power of networking (Facebook stalking) and social media (@this and @that).  Four like-minded go-getters: Allie, Paris, Cintra and Brittanae met through the blogosphere grapevine, where they shared the same passion for style, culture and the drive to bring it all together. They concocted a harebrained idea – how about a network for college students to explore and share the right-here-right-now “cool factor” that each campus embodies? Boom. Magic. Let’s do this. Allie started The Campus Style’s first chapter, UGA Style, in 2008, which initially started as a satirical street style blog – and after it’s unpredicted local success – turned into a blog encompassing the realms of style, fashion, culture, music, and “everything good.”  

I have been talking with Paris, one of the founders, via Facebook, iChat, gchat, and twitter (tweet her: @CUPCAKEPARISSS), and she is so cool.  Like, College Prepster is to nerd as Paris is to cool.  But in a totally nice, everyone-wants-to-be-her kind of way.

 Paris, jumped on board, and from day one she saw the window of opportunity to merge business and fashion. As a feisty business student at Georgia Tech, she was the icing on the cupcake that made The Campus Style dream a true reality. Paris is a prepster at heart, but also brings out the glamour her Persian culture embraces! After all, Seersucker originated from the Persian words, “shir o shekar,” which means “milk and sugar!” 

Yep, love her.
Oh, and she may or may not have been spotted with Jenna Lyons (of J. Crew).
So take a spin around the website (and share with your friends… of course).
If you’re interested- or know someone who might be- in starting a TCS chapter for your school, definitely submit an application.

I’m so so so excited to be collaborating with The Campus Style… I can feel it in my bones that this is going to be huge!

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