Can’t Live Without Beauty Products

I was in my bathroom the other day washing my face and I was thinking about the few things that I absolutely use all the time. I do wear makeup every day, but I think I could live without foundation and mascara and the eyeliner. My fancy shampoo is a bonus, but I would be fine with the samples from hotels for the rest of my life.
So I rounded up the products that I really just love to death. All of the products have been purchased for at least a second time (from using up the first!). That, in my opinion, is the true sign of a good beauty product. When you constantly are getting to the bottom of the bottle or tube and you feel like you’re always back at the store for more…. you know it’s a winner.
Burt’s Bees Bubble Bath | For babies, yes. Amazing, absolutely. I’ve blogged about my newfound love for bubble baths before… and I will just say that my affinity for them has only increased. When I feel stressed (which is more often than not), I wrap up the night in the bathtub. It’s my serious guilty pleasure right now and I don’t intend on changing that. The more bubbles, the better. The end.
Skintimate Skin Therapy Shaving Cream | I have the most sensitive skin. Even just wearing jeans or leggings can irritate my skin, especially my knees! I’m constantly applying lotion to my legs whenever I get a chance. Starting with Skintimate seriously helps cut down on the irritation. I cannot shave my legs without it. It’s not pretty and with shorts and skirts season upon us, it’s a necessity!
Smashbox Primer | I have no idea what primer really is, but this stuff rocks. My hairdresser back in Tampa introduced me to it and I was hooked. It feels weird… like a mix between silk and lotion. It helps my makeup “stick” better. But even without makeup, it’s still a great product to use for a little bit of extra brightness.
Original ChapStick | It doesn’t get better than the original. I have to apply this before I go to sleep and I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night to search for the tube in the dark. I like that it doesn’t have a taste or a smell (good for nighttime). I go through these so quickly. Maybe I should start buying in bulk?
Bobbi Brown Bronzer | So I said I could live without makeup, but I think bronzer is a must. I wear so much sunscreen every single day and I’m naturally white as a ghost. A sweep of bronzer on my cheeks, nose, and chin makes a dramatic difference.
Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops | My obsession with nail polish and my poor nail painting timing (read: 1am) don’t really make for great nails. Hello, sheet marks anyone? But these drops are truly a gamechanger!!!
What are your “Can’t Live Withouts”?

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I can't live without Neutrogena oil-free face lotion with SPF–it's amazing and I've been buying it for years!


I actually really like the Benefit Porefessional. I had used Smashbox Primer and recently switched over to this. It has the same texture, but is tinted so I'm more apt to wearing it alone some days!

Jessica Randall

I could use hotel samples as long as they're sulfate free! it seriously changed my hair for the better when I switched. I use Agadir Argan Oil in the summer to tone down frizz too, total game changer for sure. Finally, my Clinique Acne Solutions set and Supermoisture foundation has been such an amazing recent additions but I'm not sure if they're can'tlivewithouts just yet 🙂


I can't live without the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque. It's a must-have for my dry, damaged hair! It makes my hair super super soft in the end, I love it. 🙂

emily rose

You must try seche vite quick dry top coat! It's wonderful and makes my mani last all week. I even bring it to the nail salon and have them use instead of their standard.


I have got to try that bubble bath! I usually just use whatever philosophy body wash I have lying around (people give me so many at Christmas, I don't have to buy body wash for the entire year. I love it.), but I love the smell of all those Burts Bees baby products. My must-have beauty supplies are most definitely: labello lip balm (nivea in the states), kiehls oil-free face lotion, neutrogena's seasme body lotion and some kind of mascara.

Cairee Alyse

My can't live withouts-

Kiehl's Photo-Age correcting exfoliant cleanser and lotion (the cleanser is great but the lotion is more of a can't live without. even if i cleanse with something else, i need *that* lotion. it's the perfect weight ant consistency)
Kiehl's avocado eye cream
Dr. Jart Beauty Balm
Stila concealer
Nars eye pencil
Christian Dior eye palettes and mascara