Can’t-Live-Withouts for Autumn

Living in Florida, we don’t get much of a sense of “Autumn.” We wear sweaters with skirts and melt. (You have to suffer for beauty, of course.) Last year, I experienced a real Autumn at school!
Here are things that I just could not bear to live without last year and certainly will not be able to survive without this year:

Vineyard Vines Nor’Easter jacket. You have no idea how cold I get sitting in a boat getting splashed with water everyday at crew! This jacket is a LIFESAVER. I can fit lots of layers underneath it and the outershell keeps me nice and dry. The pockets are lined with fleece which is an added benefit.

I got this VV vest during my senior year of high school. My journalism class was going to Philadelphia for a convention in November. It can easily be thrown over an oxford button down for cooler days, or a short sleeved Lacoste when it’s a bit warmer.

I think these Kate Spade shoes are absolutely adorable. They look great with dresses, jeans, and corduroy skirts. They aren’t the most comfortable shoes in the world, but I could get through a day of classes with minimal blisters. (Again, we must suffer for beauty!) I originally posted about these shoes in one of my first blogs.

I basically lived in cable knits. I especially love J. Crews for obvious reasons. They’re classic, warm, and preppy. And best of all, they can be monogrammed! I have a navy button down with my monogram in white. I swear I wore it once a week last year!

I love the idea of corduroy skirts. When it’s not particularly cold out, it’s fun to be able to wear a “fall-y” piece of clothing without sweltering. This Lilly skirt looked great with black, white, and gold. On chillier days, I layered with tights.

Burberry quilted coats are a great investment! I received the one above as a Christmas gift. Soccer Mom convinced me to get the one below (in silver though). I didn’t think I needed two, but let me tell you, I wore them to death! Yes Mom, you were right. The one with snaps can easily be dressed up or down. It looks fab over dresses or with jeans and riding boots. The zip-up is a bit more contemporary, but just as versatile.

Georgetown is fortunate enough to have a Ralph Lauren Rugby store just off of M Street. I have a green long sleeved Rugby that I wear with skinny jeans and riding boots. Elbow patches are NOT optional.

Tory Burch riding boots. Get them. Wear them. Love them.
I was so excited this morning when I remembered that it was the first day of Fall!!! It’s a little sad that summer is absolutely officially over, but I know that it can’t last forever. Today was really an off day for me. It was necessarily bad, but it could have been way better. Practice this morning was nothing great and exciting.
Then, I was walking to class and Mr. California Funk broke my sandal!!! I still love you though don’t worry. They’re old and have already been fixed twice for various reasons. In my Witches class (yes, witches) a boy was sitting next to me and instant messaged his friend about me in a not nice way. HELLO! I’m sitting RIGHT next to you!!!! How rude! My friend (he has a nickname, but is in need of a new one… I’m thinking about it, A!) reassured me that I must have been “more interesting to them than anything else in the class.” It made me feel a lot better! I’m having dinner and a study session with Little V, which should make for a better night than my day! 🙂
I’ve been super busy between crew practices, classes, homework, and GRH (I will explain this later, don’t worry!) that my posting has dwindled to once a week. Remember, you can always follow my Twitter for more College Prepster updates!
-College Prepster
PS I got my first comment spamming this morning!!! AH!

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Lulu in D.C.

I own the navy burberry zipper coat as well and love it for cooler fall days!

Those Tory Burch Riding boots are amazing! I am going to her site now!


i'm obsessed with those flats and the riding boots!

and ps- i just found your site and am now obsessed! your posts are fantastic!!


Irwin Esq

OH Burberry jackets are the best and I'm lusting after to TB riding boots!!! hopefully I'll win a big case this fall and be able to splurge 🙂


I love your must-haves!! The vest is perfect, and I have similar flats that I've worn out…so I might have to add those Kate Spades to my Christmas list! 😉


You have so much fun and such great taste in your wardrobe from season to season. It makes it fun for all of us who follow your blog.