Carrot Bread

I wanted to bake something this weekend. I know there’s all these memes and what not about baking banana bread, but I think there’s something to it! The ingredients are pretty minimal and bread can be breakfast, a snack, or dessert. (I’d think twice about having a slice of cake at 9am but have no problem having “bread” instead haha!)

Some of our local grocery stores are finally starting to implement practices to keep people safe(r) while shopping so I have a feeling Mike and I will start doing trips to Whole Foods about once every other week. It took a month, but I’m finally starting to feel like it’d be okay to go into the store. I drove by the other day and saw that they were limiting the number of people inside and the line outside was heavily spaced out. It’ll be easier to meal plan once we’re able to do our own shopping.

I was trying to figure out what to bake with what we had in the house that felt Easter-y. (We’re doing a Zoom Easter dinner with Mike’s family today.) And I landed on carrot bread. I had never heard of carrot bread until a couple of weeks ago when my mom was telling me about it. My mom has always made zucchini bread… and I know about pumpkin and banana bread… and carrot cake. But carrot bread?! Apparently it’s a thing!

I can’t take any credit for the recipe. I just like to google until I find one that has good ratings and ingredients that I already have in the house.

I used this recipe from minus the walnuts and raisins. It was as simple as can be and turned out beautifully. Most importantly, it tastes great!

A lot of carrot bread recipes called for cream cheese frostings and glazes and I really was trying to go the bread direction. I dusted some powdered sugar on the top and voilà! A beautiful bread…. that Mike and I will be enjoying by ourselves. Wish we could share some over Zoom 😉

Are you making anything special for today? Have you ever tried carrot bread before?

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I found a DIY on Pinterest where you can shape a plain round cake to look like a bunny and I might try that! The quarantine has really forced me to get creative with what I can cook and bake and I’ve enjoyed trying new things!


Lauren, The bunny cake shaped from a round cake pan was all the rage in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s! Glad to hear it’s making a come back! 🙂 People would get creative with licorice as the bow tie, jelly beans for eyes and nose, and uncooked spaghetti for whiskers. Your post gave me a good blast from the past… was one of my favs growing up!


I made empty tombs (biscuits with marshmallow inside) this morning and instead of using canned biscuits like I usually would, I made some and they turned out great.


Carly, Thank you for sharing this recipe! Yours looked SO delicious that I found myself giving it a try this afternoon! It really is an easy recipe and smells delicious while baking. Definitely a keeper!
I recently purchased The Pioneer Woman’s latest cookbook and came across a recipe for homemade pop tarts. Very yummy and best of all doesn’t require hard to find instant yeast!


Hi Carly! Would love to know where you got your t-shirt? It looks so simple but still nice and comfy!

Libby Howells

I know there’s every one of these images and what not tied in with heating banana bread, however I believe there’s something to it! The fixings are quite negligible and bread can be breakfast, a bite, or treat.
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