Cashmere Stripes

Nothing groundbreaking here today, folks. It’s me in another sweater and in my favorite skinny jeans again. Surprise, surprise. It’s really my standard uniform for when I’m working from home, year round, pandemic or not. This summer I definitely opted for a lot of “nap dress” type dresses because it was so flipping hot inside and out, but I think the heat wave portion of the summer is (🤞🏻) behind us. I’m not quite ready for fall but I would like to go outside without beads of sweat immediately popping up.

This super slouchy, super comfy cashmere sweater is pretty much the sweater of my dreams. The fit is very relaxed– great with skinny jeans or layered over a more structured button up too. The stripes are perfect– ivory and with a dark navy. And now that it’s on sale? EVEN BETTER.

I wanted to also talk about this amazing bracelet. I was looking for something delicate and with pearls, but also not a million dollars. It’s under $40 and so, so delicate, subtle, and simple. Can’t recommend it enough. I DO recommend measuring your wrist properly before you order because it comes in different sizes, which is great for looks. But don’t guess– measure. (Ask me how I know this ha!)

And I’m working with Sarah Flint for the rest of the year on some sponsored content. They sent me these shoes and I couldn’t resist wearing them before the partnership officially kicks off. I have been eyeing the Natalie flats for a while. A few of my friends swear by them and now I totally get why. Pointed toe shoes are very hard to make comfortable and flattering. Sometimes you end up with a flattering but uncomfortable shoe or vice versa. These are both. They did take a couple of wears to break in though, so it’s worth wearing around the house before you hit the streets. The leather just needs to “warm up” a bit.

Sweater (c/o, on sale!) // Similar Jeans // Shoes (c/o) // Bracelet

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OMG! I have been looking for that etsy shop for a few years. I wore the necklace version of that bracelet for my wedding and it broke (because its super delicate but I’m not super delicate with my jewelry) and I’ve been wanting to replace it, so thank you!!


I’m definitely going to check out that Etsy shop, thank you for sharing. I’ve been considering the Sarah Flint flats, they’re so cute, but I’m wondering if they have any foot support at all, or if they just feel like walking on the ground?


I have been absolutely loving your self-taken photos! You seem so at ease in your recent photos (not that before was bad – hope you know what I mean!!)

Grace McCrocklin

Love this whole look on you! You can tell how comfy, relaxed…”yourself” you feel. On-trend outfits are always cute, but knowing you feel 100% You in what you’re wearing JUMPS out of these photos. Love!!