Casual Holiday Look

I know a lot of emphasis is put on finding the perfect dresses for holiday parties. I’m totally guilty of picking out a few dresses and skirts and not having enough events to wear them too. Frankly, my family does pretty casual holidays. We might put on something for dinner (particularly Thanksgiving), but most of the day is spent in comfortable clothes. And on Christmas, we spend a lot of time in pajamas and loungewear!

Carly the Prepster

This is something I would for sure wear at any point during the week of Thanksgiving. Either the day before while running around gathering last minute ingredients, during the day for a family football game*, or the day after for Black Friday shopping.

* I feel like I need to mention that my family does not actually play football, haha. We’re more of the Yahtzee type.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfit

Speaking of Thanksgiving… do you guys have fun family traditions? As I mentioned, we tend to play a lot of games, Yahtzee included! And after dinner, we have family friends come over to just hang out. The parents do their thing, and the kids (twin sisters my sister’s age and their younger sister) do our thing.

Last year I set up a movie theater in the backyard, and we’re definitely going to do that again! (I just rewatched the vlog I did last Thanksgiving. Vlogging is so hard to do every day, but I love being able to rewatch the memories.)

One thing we’re adding to this mix this year… the Turkey Trot. In addition to not being a football playing family, we’re not really runners either. Needless to say, this should be interesting. (If anyone in Tampa with a 10-minute pace wants to run with me, hit me up haha.)

J. Crew Lottie bow flats in tartan

Dear J. Crew, I feel like you need to quadruple your tartan inventory! Everything always sells out so fast, including these perfect bow flats. If you have tiny feet, you might be able to find your size.

I’ve rounded up a few more cute plaid flats to shop:

Corduroy Hat  Carly Heitlinger

Lottie bow flats in tartan

Hat // Similar Vest // Jeans (c/o) // Striped Tee // Ballet Flats // Crossbody

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Erin Lucy

Dang the shoes are just so cute. I do love that pattern J. Crew did. Thanksgiving traditions are the best, we love running the turkey trot every year and making lots of food together!


Alex C.

This fleece vest is really starting to grow on me! And popping on a baseball cap is my favorite way to make an outfit more casual. Another perfect outfit!
Alex C. //


I think I’ll have to get that J. Crew vest, super cute outfit!

I would love for you to try and review Lake Pajamas! 🙂 I am dying to get a pair


Our family keeps things pretty casual for holidays, too, but I still love to look at cocktail dresses and glam shoes. I’m due tomorrow with our first baby and it’s supposed to be 93 here on Thanksgiving. I have no idea what I’ll be wearing or where we’ll be this year!


I think I might have found my Thanksgiving outfit. I love it! the flats are cute but since the temperatures here have been in the low 30’s, which means i might switch them with some rain boots or riding boots. I wish the striped top wasn’t sold out in my size (on sale right now!!)


Yay for comfy Thanksgiving clothes! We’re hoping for cooler temps down South! Fingers crossed xx. Love the comfy look though and the fur vest. You look super cute! Good luck on your Turkey Trot race. This is the first year I’m not doing it. I remember the movie theater from last year! That was such a FUN idea!

Katie |