Chicken and Rice Soup from Scratch

Last week, I was in the bathroom blow drying my hair and Mike came in saying he had an idea for a video that he wanted to shoot. Like right then. As you know, he’s not a fan of being on social media pretty much at all, and I fully respect it. Usually when I post, it’s because I’ve asked if I can. He was volunteering the post and had the idea ready to go? I dropped everything and made the video happen.

And got lunch out of it too, so it was a win/win 😉

I’m not necessarily a bad cook, I can follow a recipe just fine, but I’m not the kind of person who can look in my fridge and know what to do. Mike rarely follows recipes and just makes it happen as it goes. He walked through how he made the soup and I’ll do my best to translate it into a recipe for the post. It’s VERY simple though. And the idea behind is to use what you have in your fridge so you’re not having to waste or throw out anything. Eliminating food waste has been one of our goals that we’re constantly working on, but especially now we’re taking it even more seriously. We figure if people are putting themselves at risk to serve food, deliver food, package food, or sell food, it would be a shame to let even an ounce of food go to waste.




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INGREDIENTS MIKE USED (but use what you have!):

– Pre-cooked rice (we always make extra so we have it in the fridge)

– Chicken stock

– Scallion

– Garlic

– Shallot

– Yellow onion

– Ginger (watch the video for why, but it was actually delicious!)

– Celery

– Carrots

– Smoked chicken (you can pretty much use any protein or skip altogether)

– Extra virgin olive oil

– Salt/Pepper

– Dried thyme

– Crushed red pepper


1. Chop celery, carrots, yellow onion, and shallots.

2. Begin with a heavy coated oil in a heavy bottom pot (Mike used our new 5.5 quart dutch oven) over medium heat. Add celery, carrots, onion, and shallots. Season with salt and pepper, don’t be shy.

3. While that’s cooking, chop garlic and green onions. Add to the pot with veggies and cook until you smell the garlic get fragrant. Add some dried thyme here. Don’t overcook the vegetables! You want them to still have a little crunch– not complete mush.

4. Add chicken stock (or broth). Mike’s been making his own! Bring to a boil.

5. While that’s heating up, cut chicken into cubes.

6. Reduce the soup to low, and add chicken. Slowly add rice until it has the consistency you want. Simmer until carrots are fork tender.

7. Prepare the garnish while the soup simmers. Peel the ginger and grate it. Slice scallions to top.

8. Serve the soup with grated ginger and scallions on top. ENJOY.

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This is a great recipe — can’t wait to try it. Thank you! Also, thank you to Mike, I completely respect that he put himself out there despite it not being within his comfort zone. I hope he is fully welcomed with kindness!

Laticia Correa

Absolutely love this post! It’s so great to see super simple ingredients come together into something so delicious. Making homemade stocks is something I’ve always said I would do, yet never have. Time to up my game! Also. Favorite Mike one-liner (two-liner?) “I heard some of you think I’m boring… you don’t know sh*t!” Cracking up! Great job, guys!


Yes! Definitely awesome, not boring! Fun seeing your interactions and the blooper reel too. Would love to see more recipes/videos!

Allie N.

This is incredible, thank you, Carly and Mike! Mike, you made this recipe less intimidating for someone who’s new to cooking and interested in reducing food waste. Would love more recipe videos with you two!


As family farmers still working hard to grow food despite the current challenges, we thank you for appreciating the value of every ounce of food!


Alison thank you to you and your family for your hard work! We definitely appreciate you!


Mike did a great job! We are the same as you two – I can follow recipes if pressed but don’t enjoy it; my husband loves to cook and can make delicious meals out of anything.


I absolutely loved the video! I cook a ton and NEVER use a trash bowl. This is such a genius idea and I’m implementing it now. Thanks for sharing.


This is so excellent! I love seeing what Mike is making and try to draw inspiration from it, so I was super excited to see the video! The bloopers made me LOL. Such a great idea!


One of the things we started doing was putting vegetable scraps into a gallon size freezer bag kept in the freezer. Once we fill it up, we use it to make vegetable broth!


Mike is a natural! Loved all his suggestions. Decided to defrost some of my own homemade chicken soup today, to boot!


Loved this video! Now if only I could get my BF to do the same… I’m team “I like Mike” 🙂


Loved it! I’m going to add some ginger to mine next time! Interesting not boring!!


I already commented on Instagram, but once again I found this video so cute and charming! The soup looks delicious. I think it might be made in my house soon! Thanks for sharing!


This was so awesome! Could Mike share his chicken stock recipe too?


Where did you get that sweatshirt from? I’m also a Gtown alum, and it’s really cute!


I love this! It might be a regional thing but in Michigan, our Coneys (diners) have a variation of this that includes a generous amount of lemon.

And I’m going to echo everyone else, the video was great!


Loved this! Does Mike have any recommendations for a reasonably priced but still great knife set? He has inspired me to up my chopping game!


Loved the video when you posted it on Instagram, and am really hope to see more cooking content from Mike! Food and cooking is my passion and obsession, and I really appreciated Mike’s style.

Also, I just want to say that when I scrolled through your blog and saw the top picture, I nearly teared up. You both look so normal, casual and happy, and it really touched me to see something just like what I am looking like and experiencing every day now. Love the relatable and real content, thanks for everything you have posted during this time, Carly!


Carly – Mike is amazing! You are perfect together and I wish you so much happiness and joy. What a beautiful couple!

This corner of the internet is so nice, so thankful for this blog.