I’m struggling to get in the Christmas spirit this year. It’s not for lack of effort though. At first I thought it was just the usual work stress (this is the most intense part of the year) or the fact that I have a book coming out three days after Christmas or maybe just new mom exhaustion. But I think a big reason was actually the internal pressure I was putting on myself for making it feel like a perfect Christmas for Jack’s first.

I was in a perfection paralysis holding pattern. I’ve been trying to remind myself that he’s only four months old and that he literally won’t remember it anyway. But I will! I don’t want to look back on this season and remember how I was stressed out about something, or didn’t do an activity because I was afraid of it not going to plan!

Elsa and I had planned on going into the city last Friday for a little holiday fun and, of course, brought Jack with us. It wasn’t a perfect-on-paper trip in (major traffic driving in, we had trouble finding a parking garage with space, major traffic leaving, etc.)…. but it actually was a perfect little experience for this stage of life. Driving in gave us flexibility to bop between different neighborhoods– and a guaranteed space for nursing and diaper changes as needed. We kept our list of things to do small and manageable– tailoring the trip to avoid the super crowded Christmas spots. And we kept a cheerful, celebratory attitude– which is really all you need to get in the spirit!

Our first stop was Ralph’s on the Upper East Side. It was very, very crowded with quite the line, but for good reason! The whole place is beautifully decorated and it feels extra festive. Despite the line, we had no trouble finding a table to enjoy our croissants and holiday drinks. The best part? It lined up perfectly with a nap for Jack and he snoozed while we were able to sit and enjoy.

PS I’m wearing an old J. Crew coat (but you can find it on eBay!), these jeans, these super comfortable booties, and my new bag. Jack is wearing this little knit set and matching bonnet.


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The first few Christmas with our first child were stressful and lackluster.. now that we have a 7, 3.5, and 6 month old we are starting to figure out our family Christmas baseline.. it will change as our children get older, but right now we have decided to tailor our celebrations to what our children need right now. Parenting and children are like the ocean, everything flows in and out. 😊 You’ve got this!


If you take a family photo in front of your tree and then photos with family, that will be perfect! I started a 2 page spread album with my first 24 years ago and it’s my favorite thing to put out every year! I always include our card and a little note of where we were and who we were with and a page of photos from Christmas Eve and day. Makes me so nostalgic and happy! Enjoy Jack’s first, they only get better from here when you get to see Christmas through a child’s eyes!


I sometimes struggle getting into the Christmas spirit too. I like to put on music from The Nutcracker, the classical music instantly boosts my Christmas mood!

It seems like you and Elsa hang out a lot, I’d love to see a guest post from her!


Great outfit! Love Jack’s, too! Hope you enjoy this Christmas season! Best to you and the family.