Classic Fall Pieces to Stock Up On

We have some time left in summer (yay!). But it’s never too early… in my opinion… to start thinking about fall clothes. I love summer dresses and sandals as much as the next girl, but I really love fall clothes. Those days when you can layer a tiny bit without melting. Or walk around outside with a light jacket without freezing. Those crisp fall days are what I live for. (I also find that fall is definitely the shortest of seasons, so having those sweet days– however few they are– are pure heaven.)
I think building out your fall wardrobe is all about relying on the basic staples and then mixing in some of your trendier pieces into the mix. But, at the same time, you could totally create all of your outfits from just the basics. Isn’t that the best? Definitely makes getting ready in the morning a piece of cake!
Here are some of the basic pieces for fall:
What classic pieces will you be wearing this fall?


PS This sweater… the elbow patches. LOVE.

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Lucy Cross

I love all these pieces! Unfortunately, almost every one of my favourites is from J Crew, which we don't have in the UK yet, so annoying! I'll just have to save up for a trip to America to stock up, I guess…



I honestly use J. Crew for two reasons…. 1) they don't have models in the clothing shots so they look better on these collages! and 2) I tend to shop there.

BUT, I think that you can really use the pieces as inspiration for your shopping list!


I absolutely love the J. Crew Factory Quilted Vest! I think they are perfect for the fall 🙂


Portuguese Prepster

Fall is my favorite season! The easiest to dress for in my opinion, just throw on jeans a sweater and a quilted jacket and your done! These are all great picks! I have that TB bag and love it!

Jessica Joyce

I LOVE FALL…and not just because it's the season of my birthday. I also love how I keep myself in check and have most of these items. I really need to get the quilted vest, though! Everyone in Brooklyn seems to be wearing a Patagonia one, hmm…

Your Friend, Jess


I think for Fall, a smoother (less "fuzzy") all-season wool blazer is better. Maybe in brown or black or taupe.

Fairy Princess Jord

I am SO obsessed with so many of the pieces on your fall basics list (the little black dress, the Tory riding boots, the quilted vest (and more). You are constantly inspiring me with your style!


This list is right on! Everyone should own all these pieces! I swear my fall wish list is never ending. Needless to say, I am excited for fall weather and outfits!