Closet Organization

I’ve had more emails than I can count asking for my more organize posts (like the ones I used to do). I was really hesitant because our apartment here is pretty standard. All the “organization” I’ve done is simply… putting things in drawers or something basic like that. It didn’t feel groundbreaking enough to warrant a post.
That said, I was also really not looking forward to sharing our closet space. I love so much about this apartment, but I do not love the closet space. I legitimately had a bigger closet in NYC. Garrett and I share the closet in the bedroom. This isn’t going to be a swoon worthy post about a walk-in closet with floor-to-ceiling shelves for shoes. Sorry guys!
This is more like a “how to successfully share a small closet with your boyfriend” kind of post.
The closet isn’t a walk-in, but it’s set back a little bit which is actually pretty nice for extra floor storage. 
The basic storage solution I follow is:
– I separate clothes into two segments: warm weather (spring/summer) and cold weather (fall/winter). 
– Out-of-season clothes are stored away in vacuum sealed bags, which I then slip into plastic bins so they stack easier. There’s typically more room even with the sealed bags, so I can store things I might want to have on hand just in case. Here, I left a few scarves out of the vacuum bags but still within the plastic bins. 
– I store random accessories in the duffel bag above the bins, like baseball hats, clutches, etc.
One suitcase stores all my weekender type bags and the other stores extra linens. 
– Shoes are hung on the closet door a la a dorm room. 
– Pants and shorts are stored in bins on the upper shelf.
– I also have a dresser for sweaters, shirts, underwear, socks, etc. Our bed has six drawers (three on each side) which is the best for extra storage. I have workout clothes in one, sweatshirts in another, and bathing suits/coverups in the last one. 
Do you see the wider white hook hanging from the shelf? Garrett and I made a deal that I could have just over 50% of the closet. I’ve been trying to be really good about going through and pulling out things I’m not wearing. My method is to do a bigger purge when I switch over seasons (like this week). In a month or so, I’ll start evaluating what I’m wearing and what I’m not wearing and start pulling more things out. For December/January/February, I was trying to take at least three things out to add to the donate pile weekly. That’s basically every other day. It feels good to get rid of a lot at once, but there’s something cathartic about doing it on a micro-scale one by one. It was a great wardrobe exercise too because it meant I was flipping through the hangers or going through a drawer every day and finding things I forgot about all the time. I recommend it. 
Even though I like to joke with Garrett that I have no space, this really works out well for us. We do not need a huge walk in closet for our everyday life. I think the door is open for a maximum of five minutes a day so no big deal when it’s all said and done. As long as it’s not overflowingly messy and disorganized, I’m good to go!

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I love the tip about vacuum sealed bags for off-season clothing. My fall/winter items are so bulky. But what I love most about this post is that you show readers that you don't have to own a walk-in closet full of clothing to have great style. And, it goes with out saying, we ALL think you have amazing, classic style.


Andrea Figueroa-Molero

After watching you organizing your closet on Snapchat, my boyfriend and I decided to get those vacuum sealed bags; it would make our life easier since we also share closet space (in a small Manhattan apartment). We're really looking forward to organize our closet this weekend; thanks for the inspiration!

Andrea | Twentyish Brunette

Jordyn Upchurch

I love that you live this simply! My husband and I live in a home with no walk-in closets and that's all I had growing up. So when I moved in with him I just began using the guest bedroom as my place to keep my clothes and he still has the two closets in our bedroom. It's not my favorite, or ideal but it's working for now 🙂

xoxo, SS

The Southern Stylista

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Eric Bosloor

I remember when I was in college before I started work in Sydney. I was constantly having to worry about storage space. These tips would have saved me a lot of headache if I knew then what I know now!