A brief history with my introduction into coding.
Now, I know a bunch of guys (and some girls) who essentially began coding in the womb.  You know the type.. and I’m sure you know at least a few people like this.  The there was the next wave of coders who learned the drill during the MySpace craze.
My introduction to coding took place in the end-of-the-year (read: post exam) AP Physics project senior year of high school.  My group (of three girls) got into a little bit of a competition with a group of three boys to see who could build the better project.  The whole class could choose between three different types, but (of course) we chose the hardest: The Electric House.
Now, some groups projects met the basic requirements… but nooooooo… we couldn’t settle for just some lousy old house.  Especially if we wanted to beat the boys, our house needed to be GREAT.  And great it was.  
The entire house was controlled by a remote laptop using a wireless connection.  (See the mess in the attic of the house?)
I tried to help out with the coding… but let’s face it… I was much better at building the structure of the house (and decorating with American Girl mini furniture).  Mackenzie took control of the coding and did a wonderful job while we watched her type lines and lines and lines and lines of code.
Fully Functioning Burglar Alarm.
Sounds from an MP3 player.
Ceiling fans.
The burglar alarm was the best.  You had to (on the computer) type the correct code to get into the rest of the program… and if you got the code wrong, red lights would flash and this obnoxiously loud buzzing noise would go off.
Okay, back to coding.
So I do a small amount of code tweaking for this blog here and there… but I google EVERYTHING before I do it.  And watch four Youtube videos.  And back up the entire thing just in case.
I recently signed up to take the free course on Codecademy.  If you’re interested in coding, but don’t really know where to begin… begin here!
It really walks you through the process.

I’m having a lot of fun with it!  It’s my post-homework personal project!

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This is so cool! I love when a few lines of code can bring the real world and the computer world together. I used to take a programming course, but I found I could learn easier at my own pace with websites like CodePupil and CodeAcademy. Keep up the creativity!


this is really cool! im in high school and we're doing the same project we're getting alot of ideas from you guys !