College Prepster Playlist No. 13

I’ve been sleeping in a little bit more every day (hallelujah). Whoa my goodness though, even though I’m a morning person, I think the darker mornings has been a major struggle for me. My morning routine has been this lately:
Alarm clock goes off
I check my email on my phone (while in bed) and then check Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat
I wake my iMac up
Make my bed while it’s waking up
Play music and respond to a few emails
After showering, I get back on my computer and let my hair dry a bit
and music is a must

I made a Pump Up playlist that can work for the morning, but it can be a little aggressive for 7am, you know? I started marking all the songs I loved that are a little softer and good for mornings and this is what I came up with!
(But I also have been listening to it at all times throughout the day!)
What’s on your favorite playlist right now? What’s your favorite song for early mornings?

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Sarah hood

I've been loving Lorde lately, too! Gavin Degraw's new album is spunky and fun but not too much for the morning, so he's been added to my list. Coldplay and OneRepublic also have permanent spots on my Morning Routine playlist 🙂



This doesn't really have to do with the post, but do you know where I could find a pair of glasses like that girl is wearing? Love em!

Kaitlyn A. Sykes

I wish you would use a different music sharing service (like Grooveshark or 8tracks) that is more widely available- or at least provide multiple options. I would love to listen to your playlists, but Spotify is not available in my country, and it's extremely tedious to search each song individually.

Brianna Kolota

I'm loving OneRepublic's "Can't Stop" and anything from Ben Howard. Both of their voices are so mellow and soothing, which is perfect for any time of the day.