College Prepster Playlist No. 7

I’m getting ready to start the next chapter in my life. I’ve been running a ton of errands and spending time with friends and family in preparation. But, I’ve also been spending a lot of time at my desk and in my room. And I’m about to start the (majorly) daunting task of packing.
Packing for a trip is stressful enough. Packing to actually move, now that’s a whole different story. Talk about overwhelming. Between going through old clothes and trying to pack a lot in smallish boxes, I am going to be going crazy, more or less. I needed to put together a fun little playlist.
I’ve been using Shazam to tag songs I hear while in the car, watching television, and even in restaurants and stores. Do you use Shazam? I had heard of it, and had occasionally used it, but I’m really loving it even more recently. (Side note: The one thing that bugs me is commercials that say you can “tag” the commercial for coupons/deals/offers etc… I never have enough time to open the app!)
The playlist ended up being pretty quirky. It’s fun and upbeat. Here’s to hoping it keeps me in good spirits while tackling this upcoming move.
What’s on your playlist right now?
PS Here is Playlist No. 1 and No. 2 and No. 3 and No. 4 and No. 5 and No. 6.

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Leah Budke

Thanks for sharing your playlist. Alloutte used to be my favorite song to play on the piano during piano lessons; in fact it was nearly the only one I enjoyed playing. Ah, nostalgia. If you like French music or jazz, Melody Gardot is one of my favorites.

Kellie Battaglia

Who needs Shazam when I have you? I just went and typed in any of the above songs I didn't immediately recognize in iTunes. But I will have to check out Shazam, particularly if it works on commercials. I have wasted hours trying to look up songs that I heard in a commercial.

My most recent playlist was for preparing for a race I have tomorrow, so they were all fast paced, and a lot of them were from the Rocky soundtracks (corny, I know!)

Julia D.

I just discovered "Keep Your Head Up" (like literally "just" as in an hour ago) and fell in love with it. Such a weird, but wonderful, coincidence.

I find music is really helpful for transitional stages because it can be whatever you need at the time. Motivation for packing, reflection for leaving, hope for the new chapter of your life that you're starting…anything! A good playlist can make anything fun and seem manageable. Good luck with the packing!