I foresee another year of living in comfies. Nowhere to go… not much to do besides working from home. I also just feel emotionally on edge and the last thing I want to do is put on anything that remotely gives me discomfort. (Thankful to be able to work from home where I really can wear anything I want.)

This may not be the best use of my money, jury’s out on that, but for my own sanity, I am going to try to build out a better “comfy wardrobe.” Right now I’m finding myself reaching for the same leggings and the same fleece (hello Dudley Stephens). Love what I have, but… I want to have a few more things in my rotation so I feel like there’s something going on in my life. (I don’t typically subscribe to “retail therapy”. But I do think wearing the same things over and over while also not going anywhere is getting to me.)

Comfy Wardrobe

I definitely feel more “set” in terms of comfortable clothes for the summer because I can just throw on a dress and be done. But it’s still… very much winter here. I think we’re in for a long four-five months ahead, while we get through winter and then spring. I’m envisioning many sweatpants and sweatshirts in my future. I splurged on these cashmere joggers a few months ago and they are in HEAVY rotation. I have been putting them on once the sun sets so I can get comfy without resorting all the way to pajamas just yet.

comfy wardrobe fashion

Quilted Sweatshirt // Dreamy Jogger Pants // Bamboo Short Sleeve Lounge Dress

Slippers // Crewneck Pullover // Fleece Pant with Stripe // Funnelneck Sweatshirt

Super Cozy Jogger Pant // Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater // Dudley Stephens Fleece // Striped Turtleneck

Breton Stripe Mock Neck Sweater // Chevron Hoodie // Relaxed Terry Hoodie


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Great post. We all need comfy clothes. They are so useful and necessary. Pregnant, sick, just had surgery, over a swimsuit for the summer or just to relax. What makes them even better is if you apply your mother’s perfume or father’s cologne. Whatever smell that gives you comfort. Make that meal or dessert that just gives you that good feeling inside. Sit out in the sun bundled up feeling the warmth. Go for a walk and take in the scenery. Start planning your spring/summer garden and plant plenty to share with others. As my late father said to me, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.


Carly! You must get your hands on some Vuori Sunday joggers – they are the absolute most comfortable! Highly suggest. xx


The Gap has really nice, comfortable loungewear as well that’s usually not very expensive, in case anyone is looking for other options. I have some of their joggers and modal tops and they are heaven.


Love your blog. And those cashmere joggers look amazing. Just curious how you wash them as I would think it might be a pain. Thanks!


I wash them inside out with everything else. Maybe not the proper care but they feel extra soft now

Danielle S

I bought the star joggers before Christmas and reach for them all the time! So comfy!