The Most Comfortable Pajamas EVER

I interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to bring you what must be the most comfortable brand of pajamas ever. I had an entirely different post planned for today but had to push it back to share these PJs… that’s how good these are.

I was on a press mailing for a collaboration with Olly and LAKE Pajamas. Olly makes my favorite vitamins, so I happily sent over my address. I typically avoid unnecessary packages as best that I can, but in this case, I was interested in trying other vitamins. The pajamas they sent as part of the collaboration, though. WHOA. They’re good.

Up until a couple of years ago, I was a big t-shirt and pajama bottoms or boxer shorts kind of girl. And then I got hooked on matching pajama sets. They feel so grown up in a satisfying way and even luxurious after a long day. There’s nothing better than slipping into a soft, matching pajama set before bed– it’s something I look forward to!

The LAKE Pajamas are incredibly soft and comfortable. They’re such a simple design too which I appreciate– no buttons or strings. Just cozy pull-on shorts and a just-roomy-enough top. I think they fit true to size, but you can definitely size up if you want a looser fit.

They come in a few different versions and color combinations: short set, short/long set, long/long set, and nightgowns.

Lake Pajamas

Lake Pajama Sets

The softest pajamas

I need to order a few more pairs, so I’m set in between laundry days. I’m also, without a doubt, getting my mom and sister pairs for the holidays (surprise mom, ha!). They’re perfect for bridesmaids, birthday parties, vacations with family, stocking stuffers (don’t hate me for mentioning that so early), college students…

Okay, I will step off my pajama soapbox. I just couldn’t wait to share!

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Oh my gosh – I have the perfect excuse to come to the U.S. now – purely for these pajamas!
Thanks for sharing, Carly!

Piper Ellice

I have got to get some cutesy PJ’s! Especially now that I’m married; I don’t think the hubs appreciates me always stealing his t-shirts.
Piper Ellice @
Starting Out Southern Blog


These are gorgeous and I totally believe that they are amazingly comfortable 100% cotton clothing is my favorite. Thanks for posting!

Have you experienced any shrinking?/What size did you get? The website that shrinking is expected. I pretty much wear a zero, but want room if it shrinks.


They didn’t shrink as much as I was expecting. I’m typically a 00 bottom and 0 top from J. Crew and have the small pajamas. They’re roomy, but work just fine for pajamas. I’d probably order an XS next time!


Thanks for the size reference! This is very helpful. I’m going to add these to my Christmas list (for myself and to gift!).

Campbell Kinley

Just wanted to let you know you got me hooked on these pajamas!! My bank account is not happy but I sure am! 🙂


They are my absolute fav.. Love the colors and the softness.. Remembers me of something so soft your baby would wear to sleep in.. Love them and have 7 pair and a robe.. One for each day right? 🙂