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We have had a couple of days of legitimately chilly (or at the very least cooler) weather here in New York. While I’ve enjoyed breaking out some of my favorite fall clothing a bit early, I must admit that I’m a little glum about the changing of seasons. If we can’t have an endless summer, I would settle for an endless fall. (Fall in the city is my favorite, despite the fact that it’s the preface to winter.)
With the cooler weather underway, it makes me want to start my cozy-hibernation. I’ve been joking that from now until June, you will find me wrapped head-to-toe in cashmere just trying to keep warm! This Florida girl has very thin blood and I get chilled to the bone at the slightest of breezes. 
I thought I’d share my top four cozy things:
LEGGINGS | Whether you believe in leggings as pants or not, I think every girl should have a go-to pair. They’re perfect for lounging with an oversized sweatshirt, layered under a tunic with riding boots, or paired under a dress to “fall” it up. My favorite pair is from LOFT and they’re relatively well-priced. (I have a few pairs because I wear them that often!) J. Crew has a fan-favorite pair and Gap’s are great as well.
SLIPPERS | I am all about the slippers. The floors in my apartment get so so so cold during the winter. If I’m inside, my slippers are on. I am the biggest fan of these UGG slippers because they’re comfortable like slippers, but supportive like a shoe with a real sole. If I have to throw something out, I can wear them outside no problem. I’m tempted to get a pair of these this winter… and a bunch of my friends have these and they look oh-so-dreamy.
CASHMERE | Over the years, I’ve been investing in a handful of cashmere pieces every season. In my opinion, there’s nothing more luxurious than wrapping yourself in an insanely soft, cashmere sweater. It’s like a constant hug. One of my favorite sweaters is the J. Crew boyfriend v-neck sweater. It’s a little unexpected because it’s slouchy, but chic. Lilly Pulitzer has a killer cashmere wrap that I love to get cozy in. (For cashmere on a budget, try Halogen’s sweater!)
CAMP SOCKS | I swear by camp socks. They are great for wearing with leggings in the house or with boots– especially Bean Boots! I also wear them with my rain boots when I need a little extra warmth and comfort. Getting a pair in every color wouldn’t be the worst idea.
How do you stay comfy and cozy when the weather cools off?

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I think you literally just described my go to fall/winter outfit! Those UGG slippers are the confiest things ever. I would have to add to that list oversized knit scarves because they and perfect for keeping you warm!

Annie Belle

Gidel Dawson

Was JUST thinking today I needed to get new leggings for the fall. (Mine are looking a bit tired/faded!) Thanks! Ordering now!

PS – My sister gave me these slippers two years ago and they're the best. Perfect when I am too lazy to put real footwear on, but I have to walk the dog!


I'm with you. The temps have most certainly dropped some here in the city. I live in Kips Bay over at Waterside Plaza which is right on the water. At night I actually sleep with my windows open & snuggle under my comfortable. I love that but miss my fun summer attire. Thank you the reminder, I've got to pull out my Ugg slippers. Unfortunately I lost my cozy socks. Looks like I'll be using the link you provdided & shop for a new pair. Thanks!


This is literally my cozy fall clothes list too! I LIVE in my Loft leggings. They're a little thicker than most leggings so I don't feel uncomfortable wearing them in public. I also wear my Ugg moccasins out of the house a lot as well. They are so easy to throw on to do a quick trip of errands or grab a casual coffee with a friend.

– Kelsey


Those socks look so comfy!
I hope it gets colder here in Florida soon…
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Ohh I am definitely in the market for a new pair of leggings so I'll have to check those out! And those slippers look oh so cozy! I'm all about a cozy sweatshirt to wrap up in and some fuzzy socks at home- while sitting under a blanket, by the fire, drinking tea of course 🙂

Petite Kroissant

I have had multiple pairs of the Ugg slippers and the LL Bean ones and the Ugg ones are better. The Ugg ones are more supportive and also don't get stretched out as much as the LL Bean slippers. I had to replace the LL Bean slippers too often so now I just stick to the Uggs.

Vi Nguyen

I love my camp socks too! Great with my boots and my slippers inside. I am on the hunt for the perfect cashmere coverup…something tells me that it will be my go to item this fall/winter!