Confessions of a College Prepster- Day 2

My Blackberry alarm begins to shriek. Instinctively, I reach to my right, but my arm falls and hits the side of my bed. I roll over and nearly fall off my bed. I jolt up and realize that I’m not in my queen size bed. I’m in a very narrow, squeaky bed.

I see Gigi’s black-and-white photographs in glossy, orange frames. Only her curls are visible from under her sheets. As I step out of bed, I automatically pull my sheets straight. I fold over the top of my comforter and sheets so my monogram is perfectly centered. I arrange, and rearrange, my pillows until I’m happy.

I am completely procrastinating doing the one thing I’ve been freaking out about having to do at college. Confession: I’ve been freaking out about a lot of things, not just this one. Taking a shower. There is something completely disturbing about having to stand on tiles that may or may not have been professionally and thoroughly cleaned. I glance towards one of the cabinets above my closet. “These rooms were not built for five foot four inch girls,” I think to myself as I drag my stool over with my right foot. I step up and grab my pink shower caddy. I slip into Tory Burch rubber flip-flops. I convinced Mom that these shoes would make showering dramatically less traumatic.

Gigi rolls over and catches me doing calming breathing exercises. She laughs and I groan. “Good luck Miss Adelaide. Go get ‘em tiger!” she exclaims with one part enthusiasm and one part sarcasm. I take one last big deep breath and brush away a stray tear or two. I crack the door and take a peek to the left and right to make sure the coast is clear. I shuffle down the hallway to the bathroom in my ribbon-adorned towel wrap.


Honestly, the shower was not as bad as I had anticipated. It was pretty much like the poolside country club shower sans chlorine. Gigi applauds me as I walk back through the door. I sheepishly smile. While I detangle my knotty hair, we discuss last night’s encounter with Luke. Confession: I’m so happy Gigi confirmed the event and that I didn’t make it up!!!

Gigi begins outlining the day, which typically I would have already done and included in my planner, but I can’t focus. Instead, I keep thinking to Luke’s strawberry blonde hair and the way it flawlessly swooped across his forehead. His jade eyes. The freckles on his nose.

“Adelaide… ADELAIDE!”

I snap out of it and Gigi is now standing right next to me waving her hands.

“I know you’re thinking about the lax bro, but we need to meet our parents on the quad in, like, 30 minutes. K?” Confession: I didn’t hear the second part of her sentence. I didn’t even realize Luke played lacrosse, but now I remember his grey t-shirt and the crossed lacrosse sticks on it.

Gigi tosses the men’s boxers she slept in onto the already growing pile of clothes at the end of her bed. Confession: I wonder why she has a pair of men’s boxers in the first place. Are they her boyfriends??? I flip through the hangers in my closet until I land on a light blue seersucker dress. I slip into it, tie a navy ribbon around my waist, and tuck my feet into white sandals. I turn around to see Gigi in a loose skirt with tiny pastel flowers on it and a white ribbed tank top. Her feet are adorned with brown flats that buckle around her ankle.


After a mandatory, boxed-lunch picnic on the quad with our parents, Gigi and I both know we must say goodbye to our Moms and Dads. I cry. Mom cries. Even dad’s eyes gloss over. Mom touches the gold key around my neck, our secret code to remind me to follow my heart. Dad forces me to loosen my grip on his hand and they back away. I squeeze my eyes shut to force the tears to stop and by the time I open them, they are through the front gates and hailing a cab.

Gigi gives me a quick hug and drags me across the quad to Sinclair Hall. We have four hours of “fun” with our orientation groups ahead of us. Forty or so upperclassmen donning neon green shirts check the back of the nametags Julia gave us last night. Gigi and I aren’t in the same orientation group. Confession: There’s no way I’m going to make it through orientation without Gigi!

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I hated all the crazy orientation games! Love this series its so cute and was totally me back in August!


Adelaide will fit in very soon …even Gigi isn't as comfortable as she appears…every student off to college the first year feels a disconnect with the safety of her family and home!!! I have confidence Adelaide will begin her new life with great new friends and activities. Keep this coming…fun to read!!!


This is so fun! And yeah, public showers are gross, thank goodness for TB flip flops! Also, how FUN does that Disney princess party look?! OMG!! xoe


I'm wondering where the Luke thing is headed. He's a laxer, but I thought Adelaide was more into baseball players?


I mean, I have a little problem with the TB flip flops myself…what a complete waste of money. People shouldn't shower in anything Tory Burch. This girl is just plain spoiled. Everyone wears flip flops in the showers, but almost no one spends $45 on a pair of shower shoes.

If you're planning on making this a satirical part of her character, keep going in the same direction. But right now it just seems like you're name dropping.


This is so cute!! I like got choked up reading her goodbye with her family. My parents left super fast and like my dad said, "A long goodbye will be good for none of us" and so it went really fast! We all got a little teary though! And I'm so glad I live in a suite–no public bathrooms for me!! I'd feel like such an accidental peeping tom since I'm so tall!!


This is almost exactly like the beginning of my college experience! I totally understand your stress over hall bathrooms, I am thankful everyday that I live in a suite! Ugh, I would rather not remember those orientation games- being super close to people when you have been outside in 95 degree weather is no fun… I looooveee lax boys and cannot wait to hear more about Luke! Have an awesome day and ignore the haters- you are so fabulous! xoxo