Coral and Tortoiseshell

I love spending all day out at the beach while on vacation. Well, it’s actually taken me years to be able to enjoy it. My family is a big “beach family” and our trips almost always revolve around sand and the ocean… My fair skin and my need to be constantly doing something didn’t really mix well with beach vacations. Now though, I love being able to kind of click an invisible pause button and really relax and unwind.
In and out of the ocean all day means salty, tangly hair and sticky skin with a hint of coconut. There’s nothing better than watching that sun sink below and the horizon and head back to shower and get ready for dinner. (Food always tastes better after a day in the sun!)
While in the Dominican, we’ve been swapping bathing suits for dresses every night before dinner. So glad Persifor sent me this gorgeous coral dress before my trip. I’m obsessed with it and kind of want to wear it every night. Truly can’t wait for summer in the city so I can rock it again and again!
KEP Earrings Earrings (c/o) // Tortoiseshell Necklace (old, but this one is similar!) // Monogrammed Tortoiseshell Bangle (c/o)
Vacations are a wonderful thing, right?

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Carly, you look great! If you don't mind me asking, what skincare products do you use (have you done a post about this before)? Your skin looks flawless!

Chanheng Mey

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