coral me happy

Before school let out, Little V and I tried on every single lipstick in Sephora searching for the perfect coral.
All these pictures of (gorgeous) models displaying the perfect shade of coral lips made me crazy!!!  I want coral lips too!!!

My lips are naturally darker, so whenever I put on lipstick it looks different than when I test it on my wrist. This is beyond frustrating… Seriously, I’ve searched high and low.  But really, all I needed was the guidance of my favorite lady at the Bobbi Brown counter.  She pulled the perfect lipstick and it’s just what I’ve been looking for.
Bobbi Brown Soft Coral
Love it!!!
Well, I haven’t just been loving coral lipstick.  I’ve been loving coral EVERYTHING.
Just got this Essie Tart Deco nail polish.  Fun summer color.  I’ve been working with mostly pinks or nudes this summer, so a little orange was a fun change.
Cute?  I LOVE it so far… I think I may wear it for the rest of the summer!
And, my new bathing suit from…. Pac Sun!  It was buy one get one free so they ended up being cheaper than a suit from Target.  Hello, amazing.  Not to mention, I’m super picky about bathing suits.  No ties in the back- big knots in the middle of my back drives me crazy.  Needs to be sold separately- my top is a completely different size than my bottom.  Can’t make me look washed out- College Prepster is quite pale.  This suit met ALL of my requirements!  Ka-ching.
I got this bottom as well:
Are you into coral as much as I am?

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Coral is the new everything. I really love pairing turquoise or navy with it. Right now my fingernails are painted Tart Deco by essie, and my ring fingers are painted Turquoise and Caicos, also by essie. I usually try not to get too wild, but this combo was so cute!


Your bathing suit is definitely a great buy. It is so cute! I remember why I loved coral so much before. I think it's time for it to come back into my wardrobe.


I really adore the look of coral, too! I have a fabulous Essie polish called "Cute as a Button" in it, and I've been looking for a lipstick; I'll have to try Bobbi Brown, because I have dark lips, too.

Blackeyed Susan

I guess you and Little V just don't have the teeth (haha) to pull off that coral lipstick like the models! I am loving the polish! I am painting my coffee table coral this weekend..exciting!!

modern foppery

My favorite coral lipstick is Revlon's Blase Apricot, which looks a bit like the Bobbi Brown (slightly brighter, I think).