Coral Scalloped Dress

Shopping in the juniors department is always a risk. As a 25 year old, I find that a lot of juniors items are pretty tight and very short. A teenager, I am not. And the prices are great, but the quality is sometimes not there. That being said, I do give the juniors department a try every now and then.
I bought this scalloped dress hoping that it would be a fun summer dress, and it is. 100%. The length is exactly “mid-thigh,” long enough where I feel comfortable and short enough to have some fun. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. It runs true to size, but if you’re in between sizes I’d definitely consider going up– especially if you’re larger chested. 
The first night we were in Mexico, we ate outside for a Mexican fiesta the hotel put together. A little cheesy and every bit amazing. (I love a good mariachi band.) I picked this dress because it was colorful and felt very festive for the occasion! Plus a touch of monogrammed tortoiseshell.
I ended up borrowing my sister’s crossbody bag! Can you believe that it’s under $20? Love this similar option as well
There’s nothing better than eating outside near the beach. Something about that salty air just makes great food taste even better and amazing company even more enjoyable. It also does wonders for the hair… Beach hair just can’t be replicated!
Photos by Stacy Heitlinger
Sadly the dress has been tucked to the back of my closet while I wait for warmer weather here in NYC. It’s definitely a great summer dress and I know it will get lots of love in a few months!
A few more adorable scalloped dresses that are available right now:

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I absolutely love this simple dress because the scalloped neckline definitely adds a wonderful uniqueness. This is the first scalloped item that I have seen where the scallops were not along the hem of the item and I love the twist. I am so excited to start pulling out the summery pieces because this cold weather is getting old!

Annie N Belle

Audrey Lin

The one good thing about being fun-sized is that we can usually shop in the junior's section. And we get crayons with our menus. // Obsessed with your beach hair! I'm thinking of making a DIY beach hair spray, which is apparently very simple to make, but I never got around to it. If all else fails, they're sold in stores 🙂 Can't wait until I get it naturally, because that means I'll finally be on a beach, which means it'll finally be warm! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Emily L

What a great little dress! I love the color and it will be perfect for summer in the city! 🙂



I'm 23 and have (mostly) transitioned over the women's department. The juniors department is a bit too trendy for me now (I sound so old!). That dress is great though – Nordstrom has a good juniors department, especially their accessories! I have the tendency to break or drop my sunglasses, so I always stock up on the cheap $12 pairs they have 🙂

Caitlin Cooper

That dress is so cute! You rock it really well. I especially love those wedges – I've been eyeing them for quite some time now! Your trip to Mexico looked awesome, so I hope we see a few more posts from it!

Caitlin | Your Typical Prep

Rachel Martin

You look STUNNING Carly! I'm not sure what I'm more jealous of – the dress, your hair, or your beauty! That color looks fab on you.

Xo, Rach
Seashells + Sparkles