cover it up

Okay, so it’s safe to say that I am very much looking forward to going to Mexico!  Actually, I’m just really excited for having a break from school.
Oh and I’m super craving the sun!!!!!
But I’m also afraid of the sun.  I mean, I practically glow in the dark (sad but true).  Of course, I’m the only one in my family who really needs to hide from avoid the sun.  So while we’re doing all sorts of family bonding baking in the sun, I have to get creative to keep the rays from toasting me to a crisp.
Enter The Coverup.
This long Lilly dress is perfect to throw on after being around the pool.  Bring a pair of wedges down with you, pull your hair into a bun, and slip it over this suit and you can hang out a bit by the bar.

I always tend to get really hot on the beach, which eliminates about 90% of all coverups!  This Cape Madras tunic is light enough to wear in the hot sun and also has the added bonus of protecting my skin.  How cute is the striped suit from Target?

So what to do while I’m in the water?  When I stumbled on the J. Crew rash guard, I knew that this was a major win!!!  Normally these are not attractive!  But I love this J. Crew one!!!!! I want to send a personalized note to the creative brilliance behind it 🙂
What do you do to protect your skin?

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All of the outfits above are super cute! I'm terribly white as well, but normally if I wear SPF 70 and a hat I'm fine! I haven't been to the beach in a while though! I hope you have a fantastic time in Mexico once your break comes around!


I'm a redhead, so Carly I feel your pain. My skin hasn't seen the light of day since August before I left to study abroad in Denmark (where the weather is cool and the sun rarely shines), and since I go to school in DC, as you know it's been warm lately and will continue to get warmer and nicer! I always hate being pasty white during the spring when it's finally skirts and shorts weather, so I buy a lotion with a hint of self-tanner and when I go out in the sun I slap on the SPF 70. It's like putty but the Neutrogena Dry Touch kind works really well, but go anywhere over 70 and it's really thick and sticky.

I agree that you need to cover up, that's the best sun protection. I like to pop on a tunic and if I'm stretched out in the sun, I bring a light towel to cover my legs. It sucks to have to hide from the sun, but as long as your careful about protecting yourself and covering up, you can enjoy it! I have to say the spring is the worst time though, when your skin is super white from being hidden all winter. Good luck in Mexico!


I love your outfits! I'm a redhead with super pale skin, so I can definitely relate! I especially like the Cape Madras cover-up—so adorable! 🙂


Carly I feel your pain! I have the most delicate skin in my ENTIRE family. I bought SPF50, a tent for the beach, lip balm w/ SPF 10, makeup with SPF, and a coverup… still managed to get burned. I'm glad you posted about coverups because I have been looking to get one since I'm going on my second cruise in April and don't want to be crisp like bacon! 😛

Mackenzie {Design Darling}

You're taking me with you, right? 🙂

That tunic is too cute for words! My secret weapon is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer. It leaves my skin feeling so great that I find myself applying it even when there's no sun to be seen!

Have a GREAT trip! xx

Madilene Lake

Completely agree about the sun! I try so hard to protect myself from the sun – but then I still end up getting burned! One of my greatest investments was a wide brimmed hat. It looks cute but keeps the sun off my face/shoulders/chest!

Have a great trip!


Love all of these!! We are going to the beach in June and all of these would be perfect : ) I am glow-in-the-dark, too, but it cannot be helped… I burn easily and sadly, my main protection is to stay indoors which I hate! I used the Neutrogena Sheer sunblock, too… non-greasy and very light : )


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